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Album CoverLight of Eternity
Album: Light of Eternity EP
Category: Post-Rock / Post-Punk / Industrial
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2024-06-01
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


There are few things quite so incendiary and threatening as a band with a purpose, especially when it’s a supergroup whose members have a well established pedigree of excellence. Such is the case with Light of Eternity, the trio comprised of drummer Big Paul Ferguson, bassist/vocalist Fred Schreck, and guitarist Pauly Williams. Such formations are usually dismissed as a mere dalliance or distraction from the rigors of the primary outlets, but upon hearing this vehement debut EP, it’s nigh impossible to do so; furthermore, while the band began prior to the tragic event, Light of Eternity soon became a source of emotional catharsis following the death of Ferguson’s Killing Joke bandmate Kevin “Geordie” Walker, the trio honoring the fire with spectacular aplomb.

Although comparisons to the musicians’ past output may be inescapable, the proficiency with which they operate and the synergy they generate is undeniably a beast so unique that only one word came to this writer’s mind when listening to these four tracks: Devastating! Ferguson’s drumming resounds with the same muscularity that he’s always possessed, attacking the listener’s ear drums with the force of a battering ram, while still possessing enough restraint to make that impact a pleasure to endure. The same can be said of Pauly Williams’ guitar sharply slicing and scraping through the speakers with irrefutable vigor that belies the direct simplicity of his riffs – no frills, no pretense, just sheer power. This is especially notable in “Explode,” in which a wah-wah accompaniment adds to the funky abandon of the song’s overall groove, as well as in the hypnotic “Lament,” his guitar arpeggios in tandem with Ferguson’s rhythms switching from rolling and relaxed to thunderous metronomic pounding in the chorus. All the while, Schreck’s vocals serve as Light of Eternity’s secret weapon as he shifts from an almost disaffected baritone croon to impassioned wailing with seeming effortlessness. Again, it’s quite impressive on “Lament” as he chants lines like “Breaking the glass,” “Lighting the flame,” and “You shot in the darkness” with a monotonic fervor that is only outdone by the staccato beats of its epic coda. His descending melody on the concluding “Tipping Point” is so simple, yet irresistible as the whole song bristles with a palpable urgency, the droning synths providing the necessary anchor for the band to wage its crushing sonic campaign.

The reverence and respect that Ferguson, Williams, and Schreck have earned is undeniable, but for seasoned veterans to deliver such an annihilative EP as Light of Eternity at this age is simply astounding. Expectations will undoubtedly run high, but listeners can be assured that Light of Eternity is here to meet them with a strong handshake, a firm and friendly punch to the gut, and a celebratory howl to the heavens.
Track list:

  1. Edge of Fate
  2. Explode
  3. Lament
  4. Tipping Point

Light of Eternity
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