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Album CoverLiebknecht
Album: Fabrikat
Category: Techno / Electronic
Label: Ant-Zen
Release Date: 2023-02-03
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


Daniel Myer has throughout his career been involved in many notable collaborations, and Liebknecht is steadily gaining momentum as one of his most effective. With Fabrikat, he and Rinaldo Bite present their sophomore album as Liebknecht, further showcasing their exploration of vibrant techno rhythms and richly textured ambience, and although not wholly unique in the annals of the genre, the refinement and inherent mastery of the duo’s approach is undeniable. For instance, “Colossus” offers excellent breaks and throbbing bass with some metallic synth and percussive effects, as well as offbeat oscillations maintaining a tensely organic flow with some atonal arpeggios, while the intricately layer programming and distorted repetitions of “Shadow” and “Smoke” in “Oberhausen” immerse the listener in a decidedly post-industrial sonic environment. The two mixes of “Barcelona” offer up a simple bit engrossing progression of pads and snapping snares that remind this listener of the simplicity and force of Front 242. Some of the effects on “Reykjavik” feel like some cosmic variation of the classic orchestra hit, which enhances the cold and spacious ambience of the piece that may for some conjure images of the titular city; the same could be said of “Essex” or “Frankfurt” due to their funky grooves and washes of reverberant sounds evoking the atmosphere of a city teeming with nightlife. The record ends with a pair of Liebknecht remixes of Black Asteroid and Heckmann, demonstrating the camaraderie and stylistic synergy shared among the various artists in the experimental techno scene, and while Fabrikat may not necessarily be the most essential album for aficionados, those with an affinity for Daniel Myer or the genre as a whole will be thoroughly rewarded.
Track list:

  1. Klinik Michels v2
  2. Colossus
  3. Frankfurt
  4. Essex
  5. Oberhausen
  6. Barcelona
  7. Rhodos
  8. Reykjavik
  9. Voula
  10. Barcelona [Syrte Decent]
  11. Black Asteroid – Dust [Remix]
  12. Heckmann – Release the Pain [Beatapella]

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