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Album CoverKorine
Album: The Night We Raise
Category: Electro-pop / Synthwave
Label: Other Voices Records / Born Losers Records
Release Date: 2020-09-04


In a short time, Philadelphia’s Korine has worked its way up the ranks of modern electronic pop to become one of the genre’s most exciting acts; while still employing many of the sonic tropes of the current trends of ‘80s revivalism, the songwriting of Morgy Ramone and Try Frye possesses a more refined and modern sensibility, with The Night We Raise demonstrating the duo’s propensity for sophisticated arrangements and slick production.

There is a directness to the bass lines and the melodic hooks, simple and straightforward, designed to achieve that perfect pop quality that engages and ensnares the listener; such is the case on the darkly saccharine “Cruel,” the ambient tonality of the synths and the reverberations of the drumbeats plunging the listener in a warm audio space, the subtly rising pulses of synths adding tension in the bridge as the vocals bear the sort of disaffected yet passionate vulnerability often employed by the likes of Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan or Jim Kerr of Simple Minds. This is most evident on singles like “Cold Heart” and “Fate,” as well as “The Last” and the aforementioned “Cruel,” the interplay of crystalline synth phrases and human voice, occasionally hitting those breathy embellishments and slight cracks that belie the synthetic ambience of the instrumentation, all creating a lush and decidedly timeless atmosphere. Oh, but the ‘80s influences do rear their heads like with the bass leads on “Nothing Here,” which are sure to remind some of Peter Hook in New Order, while the shimmering delayed guitar of “When We’re One” is something The Edge would’ve written in U2.

As stated, the production on The Night We Raise is more in line with the modern era as Korine rejects the subtle imperfections and retro flourishes that many acts in this style employ to achieve that distinct ‘80s vibe. Every element is clean in the mix, the frequencies seemingly never clashing, and the songs are just that damn catchy and well written, resulting in an album that is pure aural delight.
Track list:

  1. For Sure
  2. Fate
  3. Cruel
  4. Cold Heart
  5. Nothing Here
  6. When We’re One
  7. The Last
  8. Cast

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