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Album CoverKlack
Album: Modern Production
Category: EBM / Techno / Electro
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2024-04-05
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


Matt Fanale and Eric Oehler first unveiled Klack nearly seven years ago, and it seemed from the onset that there was never any intent for the band to be anything more than what it is – a celebration of the pair’s mutual love for the EBM, synthpop, and techno of days past. So, you know what you’re getting with Modern Production, the band’s latest outing; the opening title track virtually says it all as Jason Stephens delivers a sales pitch worthy of the retro PSAs one might expect in such video games as Portal or Fallout, all set to a stinging bassline and kicking dancefloor beats. Never subtle or lacking in whimsy, the rest of the album follows suit, from the more emotive and melodic synthpop-oriented flare of “Weight of the World” and “Dot Dot Dot,” to the pumping techno and classic EBM stylings of “Beat Unity,” “Calculated Risk,” and especially “Body2Body2Body.” Naturally, and especially on that latter track, the stringent Front 242 influence courses through the speakers with a vocal interplay not dissimilar to that of Jean-Luc de Meyer and Richard 23 (and, of course, the title referencing the EBM classic), while “Beat Unity” has a slightly more punky Nitzer Ebb vibe with its rather irresistible chant of “We are the keepers of the beat / We are the ones that move you.” The same can be said of the closing “Let’s Go to Berlin!,” the distorted lyrics almost acting like an advertisement for the titular city, complete with Fanale’s trademark irreverent and self-effacing humor. In short, it’s a Klack album, and that’s how we like it; after all, when it’s executed this masterfully, innovation and evolution can be an encumbrance to a damn good time… which Modern Production most certainly is.
Track list:

  1. Modern Production
  2. Beat Unity
  3. Weight of the World
  4. Body2Body2Body
  5. Calculated Risk
  6. Dot Dot Dot
  7. Let’s Go to Berlin!

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