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Album CoverKita
Album: Tyhjiö
Category: Doom / Psychedelic / Sludge
Label: No Profit Recordings
Release Date: 2023-08-11
Author: Colin Andrew MacDougall (VexationsandtheVile)


Almost two years after the Ocean of Acid debut EP, Kita returns with this first full-length album. Tyhjiö is a meditation on annihilation, being swallowed by destruction. Although the lyrical nuances are difficult to appreciate in their native Finnish, the textural elements that the language’s phonemes add are undeniably and fiercely guttural. The titular single does offer translations though, and in the scowls and screams, Jonne and Topi bellow of the void, absence, and nothingness. The dissolution of matter itself, and both the album’s art and the overall timbre of the creation reflect this palpable fixation on nonexistence.

The album’s sonic sludge is crunchy, yet still highly harmonic, and demonstrates a dynamism that lets the songs both breathe and create distinct identities from one another. The title song begins with a bass lead that’s gentle yet hypnotizing before launching into galloping, palm-muted guitar chugs. “Torajyvä” follows with the synth that began at the end of “Tyhjiö” swelling into a more progressive set of riffs with a bit of a thrash undertone; it’s the little touches, like the linkage of the synth between the two songs, that gives a sense of cohesion to the album as a whole.

“Kärpässilmät” takes a different direction, starting with an eerie synth beneath a pared down piano; fuzzed out guitar starts wah-ing away in a way that evokes late-stage Slipknot, ultimately channeling more synth to create a choral doubling to the bass and guitar. “Ataraksia” is markedly Tool-flavored in its bass riffage, but the guitar is initially more David Gilmour-esque than other numbers on the album, right before dropping into something more Gojira meets Mastodon. Guest vocals from Niina Kontinen add a novel texture right when you think you’ve heard all the flavors of the band thus far, the song’s outro culminating in another lowpass yielding to an elegant piano composition that hearkens back to “Kärpässilmät” in a deeply satisfying way.

Ultimately, Tyhjiö is a heavy and yet wholly harmonic piece of sludgy, psychedelic doom that bulldozes with brutal efficiency. It’s a welcome bit of genre-fusion that avoids the pratfalls of leaning too exclusively on any one influence. Unequivocally worth a listen.
Track list:

  1. Kivi Puhuu
  2. Tyhjiö
  3. Torajyvä
  4. Kärpässilmät
  5. Ataraksia

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