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Album CoverKita
Album: Ocean of Acid EP
Category: Doom / Death Metal / Experimental
Label: No Profit Recordings
Release Date: 2021-06-28


Often when listening to newer bands, conspicuous influences can signal something of a reliance on established tropes rather than boldly breaking new ground. However, in the case of Kita and the Ocean of Acid EP, the inverse is true, reflecting a synthesis of something deliciously distinct. Traces of Lamb of God, ISIS, TOOL, and more bleed through the psychonautic underwater astral experience. The variance of metallic inspirations is the true strength of the EP, and further plays to the conceptual motif of an evolutionary psyche involution. “Siren Song of Eternity” adds a bit of Gojira-like flair in the use of triplets and droning, chugging guitar lines beneath higher lead melodies, as well as the presence of apropos sirenic shrieking from Kati and Niina that adds a new texture to the throaty gore vocals from Jonne thus far in the album. “Sagittarius Eye” begins with something of a melodic angle, but unlike the more neoclassical styles often plied in many melodic metal acts, Kita keeps it sludgy and heavy with unrelenting varied movements and moods to keep the listener engaged. Post-melodic verse blastbeats? Check. Jazzy, bass-heavy bridge? Check. Brutal breakdown? Check. “Sagittarius Eye” is easily one of the most complex yet compelling songs on the whole EP, and despite six minutes of length, never lets up for an instant. Closing Ocean of Acid is the titular song, which begins with another welcome bass lead and the almost overdue return of Kati and Niina’s vocals. The progressive elements start to come to the fore in this number, syncopation and time signatures giving a delicious alterity to everything thus offered. Special mention must be given to bassists Topi and Aatu for their rich rhythmic work here (in addition to the rest of the EP). With both the compositional and production prowess throughout the EP being impressively tight, particularly for a debut, Kita’s Ocean of Acid is a jaw-droppingly fierce effort that any lover of varying metal genres will find something to mosh and/or trip to, making it a true cover-to-cover success.
Track list:

  1. 𝚿
  2. Astral Abyss
  3. Siren Song of Eternity
  4. Sagittarius Eye
  5. Ocean of Acid

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