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Album CoverKill Shelter & Death Loves Veronica
Album: The Sex Tape Sessions EP
Category: EBM / Dark Electro
Label: Cold Transmission Music
Release Date: 2023-03-17
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


With both artists already having demonstrated a propensity for collaboration in their respective bands, it was perhaps inevitable that Pete Burns and Veronica Stitch would work together. The merger of Kill Shelter’s gothic rock with the post-industrialized dark electro of Death Loves Veronica is already a provocative notion, but with The Sex Tape Sessions, the artists take things further to address a potent sociocultural issue – in an era of influencers and social media personalities, the very notion of identity and persona has become a commercial product unto itself, be it political, artistic, sexual, or even some twisted amalgam. Well, given the proliferation of pornography and sexual material on the web, that’s as good a backdrop as any for Kill Shelter and Death Loves Veronica, with the EP’s four main tracks each presented in extended and shorter standard mixes.

Of course, there isn’t much variation between the regular and the extended mixes beyond length, but so what? The EP is ultimately a DJ’s wet dream as each version brandishes pulsating EBM bass and thrusting dance beats, all supplanted by Stitch’s sultry vocals – breathily erotic in their delivering, but never belying a sense of menace, like a cobra poised to strike. While immediately palpable on the opening “Sex Tape,” it’s even more so on “The Sinner,” its lyrics rather disturbing in the implications of obsessive and even destructive desire; throw in some languid guitar passages for melodic texture, and you get a track that is eerily enticing. The same can be said for “Death Kiss,” as the guitars howl with harmonics and feedback amid a scorching bed of EBM, Stitch’s repetitions of “Suicide Kiss” almost becoming too much to bear. “Resist” is also notable for the production flourishes, a seething synth sweeping across the speakers to match the breathy whisper of the vocals, a glassy guitar adding quite nicely to the chorus.

Released on multiple formats and platforms, Kill Shelter and Death Loves Veronica have even encouraged those who purchase the EP to share and redistribute freely, using the very medium to enhance the underlying metacommentary of inauthenticity and commoditization. Some may even choose to disregard its cerebral concept and simply enjoy the EP as a darkly lascivious helping of throbbing EBM, which would also play into its rather heady themes. Musically, it’s no gamechanger, but it will provide enough of a good time on the dance floor if nothing else.
Track list:

  1. Sex Tape
  2. The Sinner [Kill Shelter Extended Remix]
  3. Resist
  4. Death Kiss [Kill Shelter Extended Remix]
  5. Sex Tape [Extended Mix]
  6. The Sinner [Kill Shelter Remix]
  7. Resist [Extended Mix]
  8. Death Kiss [Kill Shelter Remix]

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