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Album CoverKevorkian Death Cycle
Album: Injection: 01
Category: Electro / Industrial
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Release Date: 2022-07-15


After George Lucas returned to Star Wars 20 years after its initial release to muck around with the original classics and add cringeworthy computer graphics, reportedly to get it “closer to his original vision,” it has been hard to view artists returning to their old art to update and rework it without a good bit of skepticism. Almost 30 years since the original release, Kevorkian Death Cycle has returned to several tracks from the Ras DVA anthology of their early work, Collection for Injection. While these tracks certainly didn’t have the cultural impact of Star Wars, Kevorkian Death Cycle did make a name for itself in mid-‘90s industrial, and while some may worry revisiting these old tracks is equally as unnecessary as Lucas’s meddling, those fears quickly evaporate.

One of the first, and most apparent changes is the control and refinement in the vocals with these new recordings. Whether it be the wisdom and experience of age, or just the inability to strain his voice like he once did, Ryan Gribbin’s delivery and tone meshes with the music much more naturally and eliminates virtually all the rough patches. The originals also suffered from a rather flat mix that left the electronics feeling a bit muddied and lacking distinction, while the Injection: 01 recordings are infinitely more dynamic and offer a depth of sound that just wasn’t there before. While all four tracks are a huge treat, “Send Me the Machine” and “Spring Heel Jack” both benefit the most from the new treatments and really have an opportunity to shine.

Fans and even casual admirers of Kevorkian Death Cycle owe it to themselves to check out this stunningly good reimagining of their early work. Not only does it marvelously update the tracks to modern standards, the skill and talent of these artists is on full display and no longer hidden by the blemishes of the original album’s age or the limitations of its time. Additionally, this reworking highlights just how well written, catchy, and still topical these early tracks were and continue to be. If ever there were a case to be made for an artist revisiting and updating their old output, this is absolutely a prime example of it done right.
Track list:

  1. Man Made
  2. Veal
  3. Send Me the Machine
  4. Spring Heel Jack

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