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Album CoverJoey Chaos and The Ghosts
Album: Immolation EP
Category: Goth / Rock / Darkwave
Label: BAD/GOOD Records
Release Date: 2021-02-12


Written, recorded, and produced throughout the 2020 pandemic, the latest release from Joey Chaos and The Ghosts is a hodgepodge of ideas and confusing tonal changes, the lyrics based loosely on political discourse. While it is only the band’s second EP, there is still a lack of defining style as each track comes across as influenced by different bands. For example, “Boomer” starts in with a great guitar melody and pounding drums that repeat throughout the track, the vocal delivery and synths on the chorus feeling almost like a Devo song. Then you look at a song like “Immolate,” with an airy guitar and synth that sound reminiscent of The Birthday Massacre, while the vocal delivery shows a different range from Joey, where he sounds like he is channeling Davey Havok. Despite these similarities, the energetic synths are the overall redeeming factor here, giving the EP a danceable quality befitting an ‘80s movie soundtrack. As mentioned, there are obvious themes that the band seems to be going for lyrically that highlight global and pollical issues. A song like “Stinky Dog” with lyrics like, “Hurry up and press that button / I don’t think you really mean it,” and “Do you see the ashes falling? Don’t you think it looks like snow?” makes obvious references to nuclear war and the politicians that threaten it, while one picks up the generational disdain the titular generation has for its counterparts in “Boomer.” Of course, the more serious and darker tone of the lyrics contrasts with the upbeat nature of the music, making the EP harder to swallow if one gets too deep into them. While Immolation lacks an original feel or an overall flow, it shows a multitude of stylistic talents held by the band. Once that unique style is locked down, Joey Chaos and The Ghosts will hopefully be making something more notable.
Track list:

  1. Boomer
  2. Stinky Dog
  3. Lil’ Bears
  4. Immolate

Joey Chaos and The Ghosts
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