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Album CoverJean-Marc Lederman
Album: Soul Music for Zombies
Category: Electro / R&B / Industrial
Label: COP International
Release Date: 2023-02-10
Author: Ryan James (DreamXE)


Given Jean-Marc Lederman’s diverse track record and the eclectic nature of his previous solo work, it’s quite fair to wonder just what surprises he has in store with Soul Music for Zombies. Opening with the spoken word of “The Blue Note” recounting the birth of the jazz genre, Lederman sets the tone for “She’s My Candy Cane,” a track that fuses R&B flavored guitar and vocals with industrialized electronics for a sound that’s every bit as catchy as it is unique. “Didn’t Your Mama Tell You How to Behave?” mines a similar vein, foregoing some of the more organic instrumentation of the former track and delivering a more straightforward electro R&B number, while “The Music Walks Again (The Robert Johnson Story)” finds guest singer and regular musical partner Emileigh Rohn of Chiasm narrating the ominous legend surrounding titular early blues musician’s infamous deal with the devil amid intermittent strums of guitar and bursts of strident noise. Elsewhere, Lederman takes more dramatic stylistic shifts; “Andate Ma Non Troppo” places operatic vocals alongside atmospheric synths and music box-esque chimes, “Be My Girl” experiments with scattered, abstract electro-pop, and “Murder Sand (Running, Running, Work, Work)” grafts R&B-tinged vocals on top of a dark, thumping beat interlaced with distorted synths. In the hands of many artists, such an album would risk coming across as a disjointed and incohesive mess, but Jean-Marc Lederman’s skill as a composer ensures otherwise. It’s a well abused cliche to call a record a musical journey, but it’s hard to find a more fitting description for Soul Music for Zombies, a singular kind of work that rarely ceases to fascinate with its highly ambitious approach.
Track list:

  1. The Blue Note
  2. She’s My Candy Cane
  3. Didn’t Your Mama Tell You How to Behave?
  4. Andante Ma Non Troppo
  5. The Music Walks Again (the Robert Johnson Story)
  6. Be My Girl
  7. Murder Sand (Running, Running, Work, Work)
  8. I Put a Spell on You
  9. La Dolce Vita
  10. O Super(wo)man (not to Laurie)
  11. Ding Dong

Jean-Marc Lederman
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