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Album CoverHexheart
Album: Funeral Flowers
Category: Darkwave / Synthpop
Label: Metropolis Records
Release Date: 2022-06-17


For those unfamiliar, Hexheart is the side project of Jasyn Bangert, a well-known name in the scene; his project God Module has been spent over two decades making and refining his patented brand of “Spooky Dance Music.” The sonic palette of Hexheart is far removed from the more aggressive and coarse sound of God Module, instead charting a more melodic path that converges at the sweet spot between synthpop and darkwave. The band’s second release, Funeral Flowers finds Bangert deftly blending the aforementioned styles and further defining the sonic identity of Hexheart.

“Erase Yesterday” lays the foundation for the sound of the album with its gleaming synth leads, fully vocoded vocals, and wistful bits of post-punk styled guitar all welded together with potent hooks and melodies. “RED” is similar, using its airy pads and plaintive guitar to brand a melancholic sound reminiscent of classic acts such as New Order or The Cure. It’s a style that dominates much of the album really, and in the hands of a weaker producer, that might make for a rather formulaic and repetitive offering, but Bangert is a seasoned songwriter and it’s to his credit that the record’s tracks manage to stay distinctive. “Psychic Friends” makes use of a lively rhythm and more insistent beat to lead the way to an undeniable chorus, while a cover of The Cure’s “The Funeral Party” finds Bangert radically reconfiguring the song; while the original is rather sparse and somber, Hexheart’s version is peppy and upbeat, employing a dancefloor friendly pulse and making it sound fit for… well, funeral parties, if there be such a thing.

With the release of Funeral Flowers, Bangert has assembled a solid record that places his strengths as a producer at the forefront, marking a decided improvement from the project’s debut album, Midnight on a Moonless Night. It’s a bit of an unexpected move from the mind of a project so firmly established as God Module, but Jasyn Bangert’s further explorations of darkwave have paid off handsomely and made Hexheart a worthy presence in the scene.
Track list:

  1. Erase Yesterday
  2. RED
  3. OV ME
  4. (Bottom of) BELOW
  5. The Funeral Party
  6. See in the Dark
  7. Psychic Friends
  8. After This
  9. (So Far) BELOW

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Metropolis Records
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram
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