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Album CoverHexadiode
Album: Metaxy
Category: EBM / Industrial
Label: EKProduct
Release Date: 2019-10-31


Dayton, Ohio duo Hexadiode aims to thrill with this latest release, titled Metaxy. Reminiscent of the decrepit surroundings from which the band hails, the hardware-only project of Tim Krug and Jonas Miseh keeps the spirit of such industrial music pioneers as Skinny Puppy and Einstürzende Neubauten alive. Hexadiode has found its niche and seems to adhere to those boundaries; however, the difference in production from the 2016 release Ibex has seen vast improvement, which goes to show that this band is now hitting its stride. Metaxy is an album shrouded in angst and fury that helps paint a picture of the bleak vision of the world that resides inside the minds of these two. “Distraction” is a hard-hitting track rife with sounds of pounding metal and siren-like melodies while the following “Impulse Matrix” ups the energy and delivers an infectious electronic dance anthem. Diving into “Markov Chain,” the vibe takes the shape of something reminiscent of Skinny Puppy meets 3TEETH, while the harsh atmospheric nature of “Invariant,” “Brain in 3,” and “6th Dialect” serve as abrasive interludes that divide the album. The last portion of the album steers away from conventional song structure with the exception of the title track “Metaxy.” It once again utilizes those metallic drums from the opening track while a smattering of quick modulations gives the song a danceable spirit. Though it checks all the boxes of what makes a good song, this writer would have liked to have heard some more diversity in the lyrics, as well as the production; in contrast, “13 of 12” seems to experiment a bit more with sound and space. Overall, there is potential in this relatively young project – all the elements are there and one should applaud the band for utilizing hardware in an age when plug-ins are the overused norm. Though upbeat industrial is Hexadiode’s strong suit, it would be nice to hear a bit more variety and experimentation in the sound at the risk of sticking too cleanly to one genre.
Track list:

  1. Distraction
  2. Impulse Matrix
  3. Markov Chain
  4. Invariant
  5. Brain in 3
  6. 6th Dialect
  7. Parasitic Static
  8. Extreme Unction
  9. Metaxy
  10. 13 of 12
  11. Parasitic Static [reCalculated by Guilt Trip]
  12. Brain in 3 [Blush Response Mix]

Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Samantha Garcia (SGarcia37)

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