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Album CoverGrabYourFace
Album: Sea
Category: Darkwave / Electro / Industrial
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Release Date: 2020-12-18


When calling an album “heavy,” you might be referring to an album with shredding guitar riffs, or blasting dance beats to destroy a dance floor, or you might be referring to an album like Sea. With a vocal and lyrical style akin to beat poetry, tonally spoken and laid atop stripped down synth and piano arrangements that punctuate and enhance the vocal delivery, France’s GrabYourFace has produced an album of distilled sorrow and loss. Like an anchor tied to your heart, the listener sinks into and drowns in the album’s titular sea of emotions. The gut punches come quickly with the funeral dirge sound of “Sense” with its punctuation-less vocals giving the song the feeling of a late night spiraling panic attack as everything that is wrong chases away much needed sleep. Tightening the album’s grip on your heart, “Short” keenly probes the open wounds left in a relationship that many are sure to identify with having found themselves on either, or both, sides of. The capstone of the album comes with “Sea,” which again takes on a manic feel as it repeatedly asks, “what if,” desperately trying to find a reason to carry on but surrendering to despair as no answer comes. One would call Sea “heavy” because the oppressive weight of its emotions pulls you down and makes you feel like you need to lay down and cry for a bit, which can be cathartic in its own way. Sea is a raw, powerful, and emotional experience that resonates deeply in the soul of the listener while it lays bare for the world the inner turmoil of GrabYourFace.
Track list:

  1. Sombre
  2. Sense
  3. Somewhere Else
  4. Shore
  5. So
  6. Sea

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