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Album CoverGlaare
Album: Your Hellbound Heart
Category: Darkwave / Post-punk
Label: Weryd Son Records
Release Date: 2021-04-30


Named for the book by Clive Barker, the sophomore album from Los Angeles darkwave act Glaare follows down a similarly bleak yet enticing premise – the exploration and juxtaposition of extreme forms of pleasure and pain. This is perhaps best exemplified by Rachael Pierce as throughout Your Hellbound Heart, her voice hovers eerily and primally in a space between joy and despair, at once harmonious and controlled, but always threatening to descend into some form of madness. For example, her howls of “For Sale” are rather haunting against the darkly danceable waves of melodic bass lines, machine gun drumbeats, and raspy synths, while the dissonant layers of synths create a swampy miasma on “2 Cents” through which she along with band mates Brandon Pierce, Rex Elle, and Marissa Prietto must carry the harmony into one of the record’s poppiest tracks. Although it may not remind many of the movie for which it is named, “Terminator 2” delves into the mindset of a character driven to the brink of sanity, Rachael’s almost despondent vocal and her harmonization with Prietto somewhat reminiscent of Cranes, while the interplay of Brandon’s synth and Elle’s guitar and keyboards create a lush yet disconcerting tapestry suited to the song’s themes; the same can be said of “Mirrors,” which almost slithers through the speakers with metallic percussion and a warbling drone that insinuates itself into the listener’s psyche, leaving the chorus to burst with vibrant melody. Other tracks like “Buyer’s Remorse” with its funky bass line and straightforward electro beats, along with rolling arpeggios and muscular synths of “Divine Excess” and the aforementioned “2 Cents” are sure to sit well with fans of KANGA and Boy Harsher. Ending the proceedings is the title track in which percolating synths and Rachael’s voice trickle and echo amid a vociferous pad, the tension building to a fever pitch as Pierce reaches heights of emotional release; the absence of any discernable percussion or guitars makes for a rather wistful closer as the repeated line of “Guess I’ll just be happy” ends things with a bitter sting. Sharing bass duties with Brandon, Prietto’s bass resonates across Your Hellbound Heart like a cold steel blade with a sound that The Cure’s Simon Gallup practically invented, while other guests like guitarists Nick Vicaro and Cameron Carlin and background vocalists Foie Gras and Ross Farrar join Glaare to make for a sonically robust presentation. As the band sates, Your Hellbound Heart is the sound of one’s mind breaking, a cautionary depiction of what horrors may be taking place behind a disarming façade… but oh, what a lovely façade it is.
Track list:

  1. Young Hell
  2. For Sale
  3. Terminator 2
  4. Buyer’s Remorse
  5. Divine Excess
  6. Mirrors
  7. 2 Cents
  8. Your Hellbound Heart

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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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