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Album CoverGhost in the Machine
Album: Journey to the Otherwise
Category: Industrial / Rock
Label: Sliptrick Records
Release Date: 2022-01-11


Spearheaded by musicians Face and C4, this latest release from Ghost in the Machine is a broad showcase of how the act is constantly honing its songwriting chops while continuing to test the stodgy boundaries of traditional genre tropes within industrial/rock. Others have described the band before as “post-industrial,” and indeed, there can be no doubt to even the casual listener that GitM seemingly has no interest in toeing the party line as far as the implied limits of the genre. Journey to the Otherwise can be described most succinctly as a nine-track exercise in (seemingly contradictory) accessible experimentation.

What C4 and Face offer the listener is a glimpse into their fearless foray into their gaping swath of influences. While many of the songs are, as one would expect, influenced by forebears like Die Warzau, GitM has no shortage of surprises in their deep bag of tricks, drawing influence from ‘80s rock to dubstep to even urban pop. This is particularly so on the introductory single “Muevete,” a pop-tinged offering with a reggaeton backdrop, but without abandoning the electronic aspect and introducing an exotic, Ofra Haza-like vibe.

One truly standout facet of this album is the songwriting. You could readily call it progressive, although not the type one would associate with bands like Rush and Yes. The band’s true power lies not only in the eclectic variation between songs, but the variation within the songs themselves. A perfect example is the fifth cut, “Sunny Day,” which starts out as a driving industrial/rock piece that morphs into a dramatic dubstep-esque half-tempo, which eventually flows back into the rock structure, all without missing a beat or compromising listenability.

The album’s grab-bag of variety continues with the sixth number, “Color of Desire,” a half-tempo quasi-ballad with clean and funky rhythm guitar chops and a powerful chorus. The album then reverts to a brisk pick-me-up with “Indecision,” an up-tempo piece with driving distorted riffs and drumming that’s rhythmically tempered without being frantic. The album’s closing tracks, “Cuts Like a Knife” (no relation to the Bryan Adams tune) and “Lies” leave the listener with an impression of Ghost in the Machine’s many musical specialties, easing them out with some slower cuts that attenuate the rock and meld in more of the post-dubstep electronic prowess.

Journey to the Otherwise is definitely for the passionate listener who has grown weary of predictable boundaries in industrial music and is open to a landscape of fresh and new ideas. The album has definite crossover appeal and is a worthy gem in the band’s ever-growing catalog.
Track list:

  1. Unstoppable [Bloody Cleats Mix]
  2. Supernatural [Charmed Mix]
  3. Muevete
  4. Virus
  5. Sunny Day
  6. Color of Desire
  7. Indecision
  8. Cuts Like a Knife
  9. Lies [The Truth Mix]

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