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Album CovergenCAB
Album: Thoughts Beyond Words
Category: Electro / Industrial / Darkwave
Label: Negative Gain Productions
Release Date: 2022-01-14


It has been 14 years since David Dutton made a splash in the world of electro/industrial with the widely acclaimed II transMuter, so as he’s revealed a small helping of singles over the past several years, anticipation would understandably be high for a new album from him as genCAB. With Thoughts Beyond Words, the artist accomplishes the very difficult task of exceeding expectations as the record’s 10 tracks present the kind of gyrating, noisy, muscular electro/industrial blended with the fury and directness of alt. pop and rock offered by his past output, but now also compounded by a more sophisticated tonal palette that infuses other elements into an even more potent package.

Longtime fans will certainly love tracks like “Altar of Progress” and “You Did This,” both presenting the familiar genCAB sound sharpened by crisper production values that enhance the controlled chaos of vibrant melodies offset by noisy samples and glitches. The same can be said of the slower, darker “Seafoam Cemetery,” and the rather incessantly catchy “Settle,” its breakbeat rhythms and scorching synth passages underscoring what may be Dutton’s most melodiously poppy vocal performance yet. But where Thoughts Beyond Words truly shines is in the nigh orchestral arrangements on tracks like “Taper” and “Misery & Isobel,” the latter proving especially poignant with descending synths that trickle like an electronic rain upon a melodic progression that evokes a mystical and darkly tragic romance; the ascent of marching drums and atonal guitars that dance amid the chord structure add quite nicely to make for one of genCAB’s finest compositional efforts yet. New sonic ingredients appear in the bubbling bass and glitchy percussive clatter akin to IDM on “The Bridges I Burn,” as well as the resonant, crystalline guitars of “A Dead Man’s Bastard” elevating the song into a lovely darkwave territory, the subtlety of the analog textures going in- and out-of-tune complementing the lyrical themes. This same effect appears on the closing “I’m Finished,” which may remind some of the dystopian visions of Front Line Assembly, the melancholic chorus offering a faint but shattered glimpse of hope.

Thankfully, despite the finality of that last track, genCAB is clearly not finished as Dutton demonstrates on this album a reinvigorated sense of artistic focus that is downright elegant. It’s gratifying to hear an artist effectively showing the kind of improvement and maturity Thoughts Beyond Words offers, while still being as loud, brash, and danceable as audiences have enjoyed from genCAB.
Track list:

  1. You Did This
  2. Channel the Past [2021]
  3. Seafoam Cemetery
  4. A Dead Man’s Bastard
  5. The Bridges I Burn
  6. Misery & Isobel
  7. Altar of Progress
  8. Taper
  9. Settle
  10. I’m Finished

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