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Album CoverFor All the Emptiness
Album: Used and Violated EP
Category: Darkwave / Synthpop
Label: Infacted Recordings
Release Date: 2022-11-18
Author: Ryan H. (DoktorR)


The Used and Violated EP marks the first new music from For All the Emptiness since 2018, a continuation of Jonathan Kaplan’s futurepop and EBM influenced sound, but with a handful of guests to bring some interesting diversity. As his second collaboration with producer Sebastian Komor, the quality of the mastering and production on this record is immediately apparent on the opening electro/industrial title track. Throughout the EP, Kaplan leverages a distinctive vocal style that’s become his signature – heavily enunciated and well-defined to allow the listener clear understanding of his lyrics and meaning, discussing themes of exploitation, depression, emptiness, religion, pain, and loneliness. “Dead Inside” is a bold future production in the vein of Rotersand, featuring a duet with Norwegian electronic artist Computorgirl, while fellow Canadian synthpop artist Eva X appears on the chaotic “All I Am.” “Sell the Sins” features a very interesting team-up, as Kaplan shares vocal duties with Claus Larsen and Daniel Graves on a bouncy EBM track that succeeds at being an effective hybrid of all three performers’ distinctive styles. The genres typically associated with bands like For All the Emptiness often produce soundalike bands that get by on the characteristics of the music more than the content. While a few of the production choices on Used and Violated don’t always stick the landing, one cannot fault an artist for stretching outside of both genre and expectation. Hopefully, we can look forward to Kaplan continuing to evolve and experiment, while still retaining the signature elements and original spirit of For All the Emptiness.
Track list:

  1. Used and Violated
  2. Dead Inside
  3. All I Am
  4. Sell the Sins
  5. At the Brink

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