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Album CoverFact Pattern / Dread Risks
Album: Possession Therapy
Category: Industrial / Metal
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2021-02-26


A split release can often be a risky venture, resulting in a lack of stylistic cohesion if the participating bands or artists diverge too dramatically, or coming across as unoriginal or devoid of individual personality should they sound too similar. In the case of Possession Therapy, Los Angeles’ Fact Pattern and Austin, TX’s Dread Risks manage to strike the correct balance as each present two songs that show case their own takes on the industrial/metal genre. For the first half, Fact Pattern picks up right where the Fallen Language album left off, full of insistent and menacing rhythms that creep through the speakers, the mangled squelches of the electronics underscoring the organic thrust of the guitars, bass, and drums. However, there is an aspect to the production quality that feels somewhat less obscured and, dare this writer suggest, cleaner than the preceding album – the guitars feel shallower and less guttural, while the emotive power of Ian Flux’s vocals shine brightly in the mix. This is especially so on “Cartel Blues,” the cold pianos adding an ominous touch to the song, but it must be said that this cleaner sound renders the overall blunt force audio trauma of Fact Pattern’s a tad less impactful, feeling like an experiment in slight need of further refinement. On the other hand, Dread Risks maintains a decidedly grungy and rough approach, particularly in the almost impenetrable distortion of the vocal effects; it meshes quite well with the shrill synths to make for a gritty and mechanical sound that is quite complementary to Fact Pattern’s. The similarity in tone and arrangement of “Places You Fear Most” to “Cartel Blues” makes for a smooth transition between the two bands, with BARA HARI lending her harmonious vocals to “Vacancy Architect.” The scrap metal drumbeats and morose synth passages are already excellent, but the vocals are clearly the star as BARA HARI’s steely melodies add a lush and radiant character to the growling monotone of Eric Risks. Although a brisk listen clocking in at just over 16 minutes, Possession Therapy is a fine entry in the discographies of all involved. It not only builds anticipation for what each band has in store for their next individual releases, but also showcases a cooperative spirit to give listeners a small amalgam of today’s underground industrial/metal scene.
Track list:

  1. Fact Pattern – Clinically Proven
  2. Fact Pattern – Cartel Blues
  3. Dread Risks – Places You Fear Most
  4. Dread Risks (ft. BARA HARI) – Vacancy Architect

Fact Pattern
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Dread Risks
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Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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