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Album CoverEx-Hyena
Album: Moon Reflections Remixed
Category: EBM / Electro / Industrial
Label: Brutal Resonance Records
Release Date: 2023-03-03
Author: Vincent Rullo (DJ_Underminer)


This remix companion to Ex-Hyena’s 2022 sophomore effort is absolutely a vibe. The opening remix of “Nightmare Pills” by Brian L. Masiello is hard to not move to, with just a little bit of bounce in the grind. This makes for an attention-getting start before shifting into more throbbing swirl that pervades the album, highlighted by tracks like the synthesis driven Blood Handsome remix of “Dark Passage.” Every artist brings something special, while not distracting from the dystopian romanticism of Ex-Hyena’s originals. As any good remix album should, it varies enough to keep you listening, but the themes remain steadfast. This seemingly unified commitment to the darkness by all artists involved is further illustrated by the integration of four more originals like “Cloudy City Nights,” “Memory Bliss,” “The Suitcase,” and “Exit Time,” all of which flow nicely among the various remix contributions. Aside from a few notably familiar names like Microwaved, Maduro, Blaklight, and The Mystic Underground, there is a freshness to be found in more obscure participants like Cage Focalized, Pleasure Policy, Survey Channel, and more names that we should absolutely be on the lookout for. The point is this presents as a collectively united creative operation, made to draw you into the darkness and make you feel right at home.
Track list:

  1. Nightmare Pills [Brian L. Masiello Remix]
  2. Magnification [Cage Focalized Remix]
  3. At the Moondial [Gothsicles Remix]
  4. Euphoria [The Fair Attempts Remix]
  5. Dark Passage [The Mystic Underground Remix]
  6. Sight Unseen [Pleasure Policy Remix]
  7. Capture the Stills [Control I’m Here Remix]
  8. While Curtains Burn [Sawtooth’s Cold and Unfeeling Void Mix]
  9. The Suitcase
  10. Cloudy City Nights
  11. Magnification [R.M. Hendrix Remix]
  12. Fractured [Blaklight Remix]
  13. Dark Passage [Blood Handsome Remix]
  14. Tremors [Survey Channel Remix]
  15. Nightmare Pills [Jackson VanHorn Remix]
  16. Memory Bliss
  17. Tremors [Maduro Remix]
  18. Fractured [Microwaved Remix]
  19. Exit Time

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Brutal Resonance/Brutal Resonance Records
Website, Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram

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