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Album CoverElectric Callboy
Album: Tekkno (Tour Edition)
Category: Electronic / Industrial / Metal
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 2023-03-24
Author: Vincent Rullo (DJ_Underminer)


The original Tekkno is Electric Callboy’s sixth album of a career spanning 13 years; it is also the first full-length release with new singer Nico Sallach, while this special tour reissue adds five live tracks from the band’s 2022 tour to support the album. It starts off hard, heavy, and propelled by distortion, continuing to remain so throughout. While mostly remaining true to the satirical styling the band has become known for, there’s also material with a bit more depth. It’s like an ogre – it has layers. Comedic gems like “We Got the Moves” and “Tekkno Train” are raucous party anthems, while other tracks like “Mindreader” and “Parasite” run into more dark emotional territory. Collaborative efforts like “Fuckboi” with metal femme fatales Conquer and Divide offer yet another kind of fun to the mix. The additional live tracks include work from Electric Callboy’s first EPs with Sallach, as well as live versions of selections from Tekkno, adding an extra dose of positive energy to the end of the album with the cheering crowd. The whole thing is made of finely tuned grooves with the bounce of a superball combined with crushing drums and carefully sculpted synth sounds delivered with precision. Listen to it, smile, and feel the love in the room.
Track list:

  1. Pump It
  2. We Got the Moves
  3. Fuckboi
  4. Spaceman
  5. Mindreader
  6. Arrow of Love
  7. Parasite
  8. Tekkno Train
  9. Hurrikan
  10. Neon
  11. Pump It (Live 2022)
  12. Hate/Love (Live 2022)
  13. Spaceman (Live 2022)
  14. We Got the Moves (Live 2022)
  15. Hypa Hypa (Live 2022)

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