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Album Coverdigital ENERGY
Album: Killer EP
Category: Electro / Industrial
Label: Infacted Recordings
Release Date: 2021-05-28


The majority of digital ENERGY’s releases have featured sounds leaning very heavily into traditional synthpop tropes, including clear vocal performances, up-tempo production, brassy synths, and atmospheric pads. However, the German duo’s most recent Killer EP diverts away from what the band has honed and polished over the years in favor of a more aggressive electro/industrial sound. Unfortunately, the track itself comes across as dated and simplistic, with nothing unique, interesting, or groundbreaking from either a lyrical or production perspective; this is especially if the listener has already experienced the highlights and lowlights of the mid-aught’s aggrotech wave. While “Killer” could likely fit nicely on a compilation next to a handful of bands from that era, it just doesn’t resonate in 2021. The same can be said about the four remixes; the base track itself doesn’t have any real hooks or jumping-off points for a remix to achieve its goal of both enhancing the original and showcasing a unique spin. Instead, these merely sound like slightly tweaked versions of the same song with different instrumentation, which again is attributed to “Killer” just not having enough interesting elements to create a good revision. However, on a positive note, the MA=ST+ER remix does have a very solid industrial/techno bassline, and the Beyond Border remix reimagines things with a much more synthpop flair, which actually sounds more like digital ENERGY than the band itself on the original song. It is a possibility that a long-established synthpop act such as digital ENERGY simply wanted to try their hand at something new for them and challenge themselves artistically. Or perhaps the duo just needed get this track out of their system, but the end result is just not interesting when compared to the diverse sounds and styles coming out of the dark music landscape over the last few years. An argument can be made that the synthpop genre suffers from the similar problem of sounding dated, but at least in that regard, digital ENERGY has worked for multiple years to find a sound and work to continuously improve it. With “Killer”, it just doesn’t work. As such, digital ENERGY’s discography cannot be judged based on the Killer EP alone; it is a standalone track for the wrong reasons, but definitely not a reason to avoid the band or its 20+ years of solid synthpop.
Track list:

  1. Killer
  2. Killer [Endanger Remix]
  3. Killer [Any Second Remix]
  4. Killer [MA=ST+ER Remix]
  5. Killer [Beyond Border Remix]

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