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Album CoverDer Prosector
Album: Car Bomb / You’re Being Lied To EP
Category: Coldwave / Industrial / Rock
Label: Armalyte Industries
Release Date: 2020-10-16


The U.K./U.S. quartet of Der Prosector has certainly had an auspicious beginning, first with the Egregious EP in 2017, followed up by the aptly titled Egregiouser in 2019. Now, the band has offered up this first taste of its upcoming audio transgressions, the double A-side single of “Car Bomb” and “You’re Being Lied To,” both of which present Der Prosector pushing for new ways to refine if not redefine the coldwave sound, while sticking to its foundations of social and political commentary. The latter track is more than likely to appeal to longtime fans with its aggressive guitar riffs and scorching electronic layers set to a blistering onslaught of breakbeats, the lyrics a vicious indictment of modern society; lyrics like “It’s 2020 and the Earth is flat again,” “It must be true because I saw it on YouTube,” and “Anti-vaxxers’ children are dying for their sins” resonate harshly and all too palpably, the vocal delivery seething and teeth-grinding in punklike fashion, even if the final lyric of “The real facts are sodding bulletproof” seems to hold out some hope against the ignorance and disinformation. On the other hand, “Car Bomb” has a much more specific lyrical focus about the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, the distorted synth hook and Ged Denton’s melodic vocal delivery resounding with a sense of purpose and conveying the gravitas of its subject matter. Rounding the single out are three remixes of “Car Bomb,” with Dead Agent’s version standing out as it manipulates the track into an atonal and disconcerting audio mélange; more straightforward and danceable is GoFight’s Big Bomber remix, while The Joy Thieves slow the tempo to a funkier groove that suits the song’s virulent chord structure. As but a mere hint of where Der Prosector will be taking its sound on the Egregious! Egregious! Egregious! album, the single does well to at least keep the energy flowing and the anticipation high, with indications strongly pointing toward what could be a crucial entry in Der Prosector’s discography.
Track list:

  1. Car Bomb
  2. You’re Being Lied To
  3. Car Bomb [Big Bomber Remix by GoFight]
  4. Car Bomb [Hellburner Remix by The Joy Thieves]
  5. Car Bomb [Dead Agent Remix]

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