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Album CoverDefrag
Album: Lost Seas EP
Category: IDM / Ambient / Electronic
Label: Hymen Records
Release Date: 2024-01-15
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


In the absence of lyrics or some other kind of oral or written text, it can be difficult to fully extrapolate the specifics of a musical narrative like the one Jeff Dodson is currently pursuing as Defrag. Lost Seas presents the second of three EPs in his Lost Worlds cycle, this entry focusing on a fallen civilization’s flight to the oceans in the aftermath of a great cataclysm. While Lost Lands introduces us to a world teeming with life, “Horizon” sets the tone with cold and ominous waves of ambience reverberant with the faintly panicked echoes of that life seeking escape from the maelstrom. Dodson then employs all the complexities of production and composition that Defrag has become known for, from the trashy drum & bass breaks and droning, groaning bass of “These Dark Seas” and “Arrival,” supplanted by ostinato strings and shimmering piano tones for a distinctly cinematic flair, to the gritty and spasmolytic IDM of the two “Drift” tracks and the concluding “Against All Tides,” wrought with malfunctioning analog squelches, obscured voices slithering across the speakers, and rapid fire arpeggios coalescing into an amorphous sonic mass. Through these tracks are chilled, hollow pads that resonate with a foreboding malignancy, as if to hint that a threat still looms in the background, but it is the dreamily disconcerting “Last Breath, Make It a Good One” that stands out for its almost jazzy infusion of big breaks and crystalline melodies that glisten like the reflections of light on the snow. As was indicated on the Lost Worlds album, the story is taking a turn away from the melodiousness of the first EP, though we’re still not quite engulfed in apocalyptic doom just yet – that is likely to appear with the angels in Lost Skies… if they are indeed angels. On its own though, Lost Seas not only offers an exciting, if harrowing middle to the story, but also stands as a fine outing for Defrag.
Track list:

  1. Horizon
  2. These Dark Seas
  3. Arrival
  4. Last Breath, Make It a Good One
  5. Drift I
  6. Drift II
  7. Orpis Chokes
  8. Against All Tides

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