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Album CoverDecent News
Album: Who Would Even Believe You?
Category: Industrial / Metal
Label: Brutal Resonance Records
Release Date: 2024-01-26
Author: Duke Togo (Golgo13)


Those familiar with Decent News’ output thus far should know what they’re in for with Who Would Even Believe You? – the band’s fusion of hardcore and industrial/metal has landed the group on the peripheries of the underground for several years, and despite this album’s placement among the ranks of Brutal Resonance Records, there isn’t much on its 16 tracks to indicate that that’s about to change. With Caleb Moore, Eddie LaFlash, and Laken Stokes all sharing in instrumental, vocal, and production duties, there is a decidedly disjointed quality to the band’s music that is clearly by design to accentuate not only their individual and collective strengths, but also the trio’s dependance on their own organic impulses; never does Decent News rely on quantization or overt precision of modern production to override the inherent imperfection of their performance, so intrinsic to the unbridled aggression they present on tracks like “Toxic Allure,” “A Murder of Science,” “The Clush,” or “Hypermesis.” Of course, the band holds its own to keep up with the machines – or is it the other way around, as would seem to be the case on “Blackest,” the disparity between the vocal cadence and the programmed rhythms adding to its harshness – and while the bitter acidity of extreme metal and hardcore riffage may damage more than a few eardrums, that’s just one facet of what Decent News proves capable of. For instance, the spooky synth layers and dry beats of “Like New Knife” evoke the horror soundtracks of Goblin or John Carpenter, the track eventually landing on a dublike syncopation that is a welcome deviation, as do the staccato keyboards and pianos of the lounging “Stanky Streets” and the strutting and danceable “Mall Shit.” Flippant and irreverent samples adorn the album, making for some odd interludes and transitions whose sardonic tone is matched on the self-effacing and just shy of self-destructive lyrics of “Vulcan Cannon” and the aforementioned “Stanky Streets.” Overall, Who Would Even Believe You? shows Decent News at the top of its game as a unit, still belting out deceptively sophisticated arrangements and progressions to undercut an apparently deliberate inaccessibility… again, clearly by design and not likely to change anytime soon… why should it?
Track list:

  1. If I Were the Devil
  2. Modern Mind
  3. Toxic Allure
  4. Pushed Away
  5. A Murder of Science
  6. Beaumont
  7. Blackest
  8. The Clush
  9. Like New Knife
  10. Wyatt Has a Weapon
  11. Emergency Alert System
  12. Hypermesis
  13. Stanky Streets
  14. Mall Shit
  15. Vulcan Cannon
  16. A Better Life

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