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Album: I Want Revenge EP
Category: Gothic / Electronica
Release Date: 2022-11-11
Author: Adrian Randall (Adr1an_80)


One look at DEATHDANCE’s Bandcamp page tells a soon-to-be listener what they need to know; that emotional and eerie electronica is what awaits them. The duo’s work spans back almost a decade now, with a string of successful independent EPs, but I Want Revenge holds within it an almost ethereal, trancelike feeling that becomes more apparent with multiple listens. The production allows for the sound and story to shine, and the almost haunting vocals echo and ring from song to song, despite each track seeming to take inspiration from different eras of gothic electronic music.

Over the course of the EP’s 25 minutes, listeners are taken on a journey through the subconscious of a person most can relate to if they’ve been cheated on – the initial anger being blind, the rage taking over, the willingness to do regrettable actions, and the eventual acceptance of the end. These themes fit perfectly with the electro-infused goth/rock that DEATHDANCE presents. “Revenge” and “People Like You” feel like ‘80s dance hits with rhythms befitting an EBM club, while the lyrics fit any underground goth night with raw emotions branded on the sleeve. ‘90s influences can be found in “People Like You” and “I Am Your Blood,” both tracks indicative of how Reznor relayed his emotions in Nine Inch Nails. On the other hand, “Tyranny” and “The Beast (What Is Your Real Name)” seem to emulate the 2000s era of goth/rock, when bands weren’t focused on dancing to avoid their emotions, but rather wanted people to feel and understand their messages. The relatable lyrics of I Want Revenge craft a story so complex that it can take more than one listen to penetrate its wall of sound and see the real and depressing picture beneath. With strong production and lyrical content, DEATHDANCE seems to be slowly finding its way through a small but dedicated community beyond their hometown of Minneapolis.
Track list:

  1. Revenge
  2. People Like You
  3. I Am Your Blood
  4. Tyranny
  5. The Beast (What Is Your Real Name)

Website, Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Instagram
Website, Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube, Instagram

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