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Album CoverDatarock
Album: Media Consumption Pyramid
Category: Postrock / Electronic Rock
Label: YAP Records / Apollon Records
Release Date: 2023-09-29
Author: Vincent Rullo (DJ_Underminer)


With a range of styles like a collection of loosely but very clearly related short stories, Media Consumption Pyramid is a lot of things… but boring is not one of them. It’s a really fun sonic journey, but listen closely; even in its happiest sounding moments, you’ll find an almost irreverent little layer of darkness woven in. Everything on this record seems meticulously formulated to grab your attention and keep it, which it is likely to do. The album fuses tight electronic sequences seamlessly with live instrumentation, pulling you relentlessly into its rhythms. Tracks like “DISCObedience” and “Tick Tock” are full of joy and rebellion, while “Aeon Flux” and “Digital Life” are more deliberately laced with tension, bringing balance to the project as a whole. The lyrical content and delivery throughout makes for a scathing sociopolitical commentary on our world’s current relationship with digital existence and the weight of humanity. It even opens with the second part of a two-part song and closes with the first, making for an enjoyable full circle experience when played on repeat, and implying you should do so. If you are reading this and Datarock isn’t on your proverbial radar, you’re probably wrong.
Track list:

  1. Armadillo Pt. II
  2. Heart Shaped Circle
  3. Metaverse
  4. Rabbit Hole
  5. DISCObedience
  6. Tick Tock
  7. Video Store
  8. Aeon Flux
  9. Digital Life
  10. Armadillo Pt. I

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