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Album CoverDaniel Myer
Album: Hingabe
Category: Techno / Electronic
Label: Sonic Groove
Release Date: 2023-05-05
Author: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)


Through his myriad projects and band affiliations, Daniel Myer has demonstrated a supreme talent for exploratory sound design and powerfully infectious rhythms. Such is the case with Hingabe, in which all of his skills come to bear to coalesce into 11 throbbing tracks of dynamic techno created over the course of three years. From start to finish, the album resounds with a directness and minimalism that belies the complexity of the arrangements, with tracks like “Atomic Overkill,” “Wiedergabe,” and the aptly titled “Atomic Rave” striking those specifically EBM-laced nerves of tension and urgency. Others like “Das Ende” and especially “Ohnmacht,” respectively aided by Static Sky and DSX, bear a resemblance to Myer’s work in Liebknecht or even latter-day Haujobb, the spacious warbles of cosmic ambience and darkly slithering bass progressions not unlike those one might’ve heard on Vertical Theory or New World March. The same can almost be said of “We Are Going Down” and especially “Reale Angst” as distorted waves and insistent loops seem evocative of a modern sci-fi thriller without losing their inherent danceability, while Skelesys joins Myer on “Ursprung” to give the song a gritty, strutting vibe wrought with plucking guitar samples, electronic pianos, and disparate voices. Similarly, Hypnoskull aids in the funky dub swells of “Tactics,” leaving “Atomic Winter” to conclude Hingabe in almost cyclical fashion, acting almost as a conceptual reprise of what the album has been offering throughout its runtime. Like such contemporaries as Rhys Fulber or Black Asteroid, Myer effortlessly presents and unfettered vision of underground techno devoid of pretense or notions of grandeur; he simply has nothing to prove, making Hingabe a portrait of a legendary artist at his best.
Track list:

  1. Angst
  2. Atomic Overkill
  3. Das Ende
  4. We Are Going Down
  5. Ursprung
  6. Atomic Rave
  7. Ohnmacht
  8. Wiedergabe
  9. Reale Angst
  10. Tactics Dub
  11. Atomic Winter

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