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Album CoverContagious Orgasm
Album: Through the Cracks of Entrapment
Category: Industrial / Ambient / Electronic
Label: Ant-Zen
Release Date: 2021-06-09


Although the sole sum of two songs, Through the Cracks of Entrapment by the ever catchy brainchild of Hiroshi Hashimoto, under his moniker of Contagious Orgasm, is a succinct but engaging dyad comprised of rich textures soaked in noise and married to satisfyingly exotic percussion. “Feel” throbs along with a certain “Reptile” and Puscifer-like charm, industrially beastly and yet exhibiting no shortage of fluctuations; tribal rimshots eddy and drop down to a halftime progression that slowly bleeds back through to the song’s rhythmic core and overarching layers of noise. “Shelter in Place” continues the tribal percussion, but is more pensive and downplayed than “Feel,” and its noise and ambient elements continue through to its denouement, winding down into some kind of save-screen sideshow or drive-in intermission. Overall, the strengths of Through the Cracks of Entrapment are what some might view as its weaknesses – a sense of improvisational flux, as if tuning through an extradimensional radio from some sort of stellar bunker lost and adrift in spacetime. The other probable criticism would be, no doubt, the brevity of the album, but certainly no one could misinterpret a two-song album as aspiring to LP status. Ultimately, Through the Cracks of Entrapment is something of an amuse-bouche for aficionados of ambient noise and experimental electronica, one that has enough intrinsic charm to also allure the uninitiated and draw them into its nebulous darkness.
Track list:

  1. Feel
  2. Shelter in Place

Contagious Orgasm
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