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Album CoverCompactor
Album: Tension Crucible
Category: Noise / Industrial
Label: Chthonic Streams
Release Date: 2021-10-01


Each Compactor album thematically addresses different topics pertinent to humanity’s working class and the advent of technology and machinery to perpetuate our daily lives, with Tension Crucible standing as an audio document of our tumultuous times – the conflict of outdated conservative ideologies hindering progress and undermining scientific rigor, the severe undervaluing of workers and systems designated to ensure health and survival, the complacent and apathetic response of a populace placated by materialism… all can be inferred by the track titles, the brutal aural onslaught of Compactor serving as noisy soundtrack. Stylistically, Compactor continues to utilize a dynamic and dissonant mix of tools to achieve its sonic milieu, with the breathy and organic sounds of metal scraping and banging clashing with tightly programmed static-drenched synthesis; throw in the occasional roars and howls of distorted feedback, and what results is a factory-like ambience that is at once relatable and dehumanizing. Tracks like the opening “Losing Ground,” “Viral Ignorance,” “Déjà Vu Ad Nauseam,” and “War of 1312” present the more organized arrangements of rhythmic loops and subsonic bass, the clangs and hisses of machinery adding an insidious foreboding that is deceptively musical yet almost wretched in their uniformity. Others focus more on the discordant dismantling of such structures like in the offbeat loops and electrical spasms of “Direction Confusion,” the crackling drones and spurts of cash registers in “Essential Not Valued,” or the formless and miasmal “Throes of Upheaval.” The same can be said of “Intentional Accidents,” the sounds of what could be gunshots acting as drumbeats that gain in aggression and frequency, concluding with a howl like metal twisting into an unbearable cacophony, while “Pressure Critical” ends the album with the sustained screams of distortion oscillating, mutating, eventually ending somewhere between the monstrous roars of a mechanical beast and the screams of its victims… until it all comes to an abrupt and disquieting stop. Make no mistake, industrial noise is an endurance test for one’s auditory and mental faculties, the strains of a world in distress given a dreadful, painful voice that Tension Crucible conveys quite well. But then again, the aural agony Compactor inflicts is nothing compared to the troubles that inspire it.
Track list:

  1. Losing Ground
  2. Direction Confusion
  3. Viral Ignorance
  4. Essential Not Valued
  5. Minimum Rage
  6. Throes of Upheaval
  7. Déjà Vu Ad Nauseam
  8. Poison Streaming
  9. Intentional Accidents
  10. War of 1312
  11. Pressure Critical

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