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Album CoverCocksure
Album: Operation C.O.C.K.S.U.R.E. EP
Category: Industrial
Label: Cracknation
Release Date: 2020-05-01


Although the duo took 2019 off to focus on other projects, the duo of Jason Novak and Chris Connelly returned to present a new helping of Cocksure; in the process, the Operation C.O.C.K.S.U.R.E. EP not only solidified the band’s place as one of the torchbearers for classic American industrial, full of lyrical diatribes ridiculing a broken society, but also taking the pair’s collective sound down more abrasive textures. This is immediately evident from the warbling bass line, sharp breaks, and cold pads of “Viral F.U.,” the production perhaps more reminiscent of Novak’s later work in DJ? Acucrack than the early WaxTrax!-esque predilections of early Acumen, which seemed to initially inform much of Cocksure, at least at the start. The same can be said of “God Gets Religion” as its distorted bass line and hollow rhythms underscoring Connelly’s despondent howling vocals lead to an ominous but darkly harmonious chorus; put simply, the track grates and grinds to hit the aural G-spots perfectly. And then there is the seething ambience of “Eloquent Heed Case,” Connelly’s voice echoing atop a haunted soundscape, the lack of hip-thrusting boot-stomping percussion perhaps not what one would expect from Cocksure, though it is not an unwelcome change. But for those who prefer the sounds of old, there is “Operation C.O.C.K.S.U.R.E.,” Connelly’s irreverent vocals complete with the title chant recalling some of the anthemic moments of Front 242 a la “Until Death Us Do Part,” while the steely bass line and 808 beats drenched in overdrive along with the stuttering samples and squelching synths make for a pure industrial dance floor classic. As well, the DubNoBassMix of “TKO Mindfuck” closes things out with a damn good remix of a Cocksure favorite, making Operation C.O.C.K.S.U.R.E. a short but strong entry in the band’s output. Just under two years since the Be Rich album, it’s been worth the wait.
Track list:

  1. Viral F.U.
  2. God Gets Religion
  3. Operation C.O.C.K.S.U.R.E.
  4. Eloquent Heed Case
  5. TKO Mindfuck [DubNoBassMix]

Website, Facebook, Bandcamp
Website, Facebook, Bandcamp, YouTube
Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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