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Album CoverClockwork Echo
Album: Death Rebirth Repeat
Category: Electro / Industrial
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2022-06-27


As a solo endeavor for Gabriel Ryan, Clockwork Echo takes a heavy influence from the harsh electro/industrial of the mid-‘00s, which was very much showcased on the past two records; add a bit of aggrotech flavor, and you have Death Rebirth Repeat, delivering a straightforward and pulse-pounding group of tracks that don’t deviate much from that formula.

The opening two tracks are the standouts. “Embrace the Silence So Cold” brings a dancefloor friendly beat, singalong hooks like “You cannot kill what is dead,” and solid production that doesn’t simply overload with noise. It’s reminiscent of Harsh Generation-era Grendel, complete with the mix of growling, screaming, and clean vocals. The titular track, “Death Rebirth Repeat” is the best example of the album’s aggrotech influences – stabbing synths, samples, and an ultra-fast tempo, all of which is standard fare for the genre and reflective of Clockwork Echo’s previous work that would sound right at home on an early Hocico record. The remainder of the record is pretty much along these same lines; however, it is worth pointing out that the band does show a refreshing lighter side on this record, particularly with the track “Great Ass,” which uses an Al Pacino sample from Heat, and “No Quarter No Mercy,” which hilariously utilizes bits from Metalocalypse as its only vocals. “Apologist” even utilizes a bit from the Netflix Daredevil series. It’s refreshing to hear a band not taking itself so seriously in a genre where things are often taken far too much so, and it creates a pleasant balance between the aggression and darker themes.

Add in a couple of remixes from Komor Kommando and Alien Vampires, which is a perfect stylistic fit for Clockwork Echo’s sound, and you have Death Rebirth Repeat – a down-the-pipe aggrotech-influenced album that accurately sums up what Clockwork Echo brings to the table, and that shows progressive improvement from the band’s previous releases. The very title ends up being a perfect metaphor for this genre as a whole as it never truly dies, and there’s always a band passionate about the sound and willing to put its own spin on it. In this case, Clockwork Echo delivers an uncomplicated electro/industrial record with catchy, if not always memorable tracks that often go on a bit long, but aren’t boring. It will absolutely scratch that very specific itch.
Track list:

  1. Embrace the Silence So Cold
  2. Death Rebirth Repeat
  3. Mors Grata Situs Est
  4. Gravethunder
  5. Apologist
  6. Great Ass
  7. No Quarter No Mercy
  8. Hellfire
  9. Death Rebirth Repeat [Alien Vampires Remix]
  10. Feed Me Drugs and Feed Me Hate [Komor Kommando Remix]
  11. Fifty-Seven Opus Magum

Clockwork Echo
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