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Album CoverChase Dobson
Album: Perpetual Motion EP
Category: Ambient / Techno
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2020-12-04


Chase Dobson has earned a considerable reputation as a producer, mix and mastering engineer, and a formidable musician under such monikers as and Cellar Graves. As the latest EP released under his own name, Perpetual Motion finds the artist looking inward and pursuing a form of “isolationist techno,” a form whose potency is felt equally as a shared experience on the dance floor as it is in the solitary confines of one’s headphones. This may not sound profound in and of itself, but in times of social distancing and lockdown due to the global pandemic, this notion is all the more palpable, making the five tracks on Perpetual Motion all the more poignant. Every track lives up to the EP’s title as pulsating and percolating stabs chilled reverberant tones and sustained pads create an expansive soundscape of introspection, dreamlike and energetic. Songs like “Inertia” and “Repetition Motion” entrance the listener with layers of bubbling and bouncy synth passages that, though seemingly monotone at the onset, gradually reveal subtle variations that build upon each other, the percussion moving with a brisk urgency. Similarly, “Momentum” introduces sleek refrains set to sparse progressions that recall Dobson’s more synthwave leanings in Neon Cities, the track easily acting as a soundtrack to a midnight drive through the urban neon-lit sprawl of a cyberpunk metropolis, while the cavernous reverb on “Ad Infinitum” acts as the main star, the decay fluctuating into an almost distorted miasma of dark pads and steady pulses of kicks and clicks, making for a brooding helping of ambient techno. Ending the EP is “…This Endless Bliss,” on which somber pianos play lithe and airy melodies atop a throbbing rhythm, the swirling waves of atmospheric electronics creating a ghostly backdrop of sonic reverie, the bass and synths in the end shimmering vibrantly to end the EP quite brilliantly. With its blend of ambient and dub techno, Perpetual Motion is not so much a groundbreaker as much as it is a refreshing pleaser. It may be no substitute for going out to your favorite club and dancing the night away with your friends, nor does it try to be, content simply to take the listener on a trip through the familiar sounds of old to succor the harsh reality of the current crisis
Track list:

  1. Inertia
  2. Momentum
  3. Repetition_Motion
  4. Ad Infinitum
  5. …This Endless Bliss

Chase Dobson
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