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Album CoverBlush Response
Album: Reconstitution
Category: Industrial / Electronic / Noise
Label: Megastructure_
Release Date: 2021-08-31


As the mastermind behind Blush Response, Joey Gonzalez has over the years amassed an impressive reputation mastering the intricacies of industrialized noise. Following up on his 2016 Reshaper album, Reconstitution is almost dubiously titled as from the first noisy glitches in the opening seconds of “Flow My Tears,” the listener is assaulted with a sonic barrage that is sure to decimate all mental fortitude. Steely ambient textures like bending metal are underscored by beats so finely attuned to penetrate barriers both solid and illusory, the album’s seven tracks coalescing into a soundtrack for a technological nightmare too fascinating to ignore. We have tracks like “In the Undercurrent” with its wailing metallic drones and swells of almost orchestral grandeur, the almost hymnal and processional “Spiritual Bypass” in which eerie choirlike pads clash with manic and squelching electronic sequences, and the rhythmic onslaught of “Ereshkigal,” the guttural distortions roaring more angrily than any heavy metal song, the drums throttling with a forceful and almost unbearable simplicity. “Psyker” immediately puts this writer in the mind of Chu Ishikawa’s steel-laden scores for Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo series with its thoroughly aggressive drum programming, distorted bass progression, and chiming tones that glisten like chrome. On the other hand, the title track seemingly begins in a more pensive manner with a languid tempo, the slow thrusts of percussion like a rusty engine seemingly exhausted of all fuel; the tension builds as the oscillating frequencies gain in power, the klaxon-like loops evoking a stark theme – the bestial machine has arisen… and it hungers. As Reconstitution is the first of two albums written during the pandemic, its acidic and dystopian tone is all too palpable, giving one the sense that Blush Response is not only reveling in the sci-fi flights of fancy so intrinsic to the genre, but is also commenting on how they have already horrifically come to pass. As well, this leaves a dreadful yet delightful anticipation for what the second record has in store.
Track list:
01. Flow My Tears
02. New Ways to Pray
03. Psyker
04. In the Undercurrent
05. Reconstitution
06. Spiritual Bypass
07. Ereshkigal
Blush Response / Megastructure_
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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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