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Album CoverBinary Order
Album: Thrown Away EP
Category: Industrial / Metal
Label: Self-released
Release Date: 2023-06-23
Author: Stitch Mayo (StitchM)


The nü-metal era of the late ‘90s was undoubtedly a peculiar time, causing a schism among metal enthusiasts akin to the divisive reputation of Marmite. Even those who didn’t fully embrace it back then likely now harbor a few secret musical indulgences from that period. Enter London-based Binary Order – masterminded by Benjamin Blank – with the unveiling of his latest EP built around a bold cover of Papa Roach’s “Thrown Away.” This rendition pays homage to the original, but doesn’t tether itself too closely to its formula. The initial guitar strains serve as a respectful nod, leading into vocals that breathe fresh, explosive life into a 22-year-old song (apologies to any millennials, who may now be feeling their age). The adept alternation between verse and bridge/chorus vocals, set against a robust industrial backdrop, solidifies this as an impressive and distinctive cover, unafraid to break free from the confines of convention. The EP also includes three remixes of songs from the 2022 album Messages From the Deep. The Bleeding mix of “Parasite” is nothing short of a solid retake or reimagining; already a weighty track in its original form, this version plunges even deeper, with a synth line in the middle reminiscent of the theme from 28 Days Later layered over relentless kick drums. The Arcadmix remix of “A Good Death” is a breathtaking expansion of the original, infusing additional ambience and delving into existential lyrical depths, while the Irreversible mix of “The Hands of Time” feels like a sequel, with Zimmer-esque pads and processed vocals serving as supplemental instruments, effectively turning the track on its head and giving it an entirely new dimension. With a new album looming on the horizon, the Thrown Away EP is little more than a brief indulgence, but one that showcases where Binary Order has come from, and maybe where it’s going.
Track list:

  1. Thrown Away
  2. Parasite [Bleeding Mix]
  3. A Good Death [Arcadmix Remix]
  4. The Hands of Time [Irreversible Mix]

Binary Order
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