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Album CoverBig Time Kill
Album: Recovery EP
Category: Industrial / Rock
Label: Glitch Mode Recordings
Release Date: 2021-04-30


Boston’s Big Time Kill has always straddled a line between industrial and alternative rock; the band can be compared to the likes of Ghostfeeder and Alter Der Ruine, but stands out with a heavy dose of funkiness for flavor. Front man Adam Schneider has stated that Big Time Kill was formed in a place where “passion and technology meet,” standing out in the scene with a unique blend of post-punk influence, slick programming, melodic vocals, and straight-up groove – with the Recovery EP, Big Time Kill continues to embody that blend. The opening title track, “Recovery” strikes immediately with its catchy bass line before breaking into an epic track with a grooving guitar solo before concluding the same way it began. “Cliché” showcases more of a post-punk influence, while “Dreams” dials the funkiness all the way up, vaguely reminiscent of some of the groovier KMFDM tunes from the ‘90s. The closing track, “Shallow” seems to be the most straightforward “rock” track, but still delivers on the qualities of strong vocal performances, excellent guitar work, and skilled programming from the other tracks. Big Time Kill seems on the cusp of breaking out into something larger, and this EP – clocking in at just under 15 minutes – is well worth the time spent. The talent on display in Recovery showcases a band that is mastering its sound and will likely continue to evolve it even further.
Track list:

  1. Recovery
  2. Cliché
  3. Dreams
  4. Shallow

Big Time Kill
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Glitch Mode Recordings
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