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Album CoverAversion Theory
Album: The United States of Depression
Category: Industrial
Label: Halo Askew Entertainment
Release Date: 2019-09-13


Aversion Theory is the solo industrial/rock project of Jamie Robb Gibson, former drummer of DeathMaschine, and former drummer/vocalist/songwriter for Suture Seven. With some albums and EP release under his belt, The United States of Depression is the latest release from the project, opening with a bellowing and stretched guitar riff and head nodding beats. Immediately, the production quality sounds much higher this time around, and the songs feel more cohesive and structured. “I Was Never There” is one of the stronger songs musically, although it also highlights the biggest issue with Aversion Theory’s music to date: the vocals tend to feel discordant with the music, and while less distortion is a good start, it feels as if they were recorded in a vacuum – they don’t fit the rhythms and the lyrics feel as if they were meant for another song entirely. “I Lost You” is a step in the right direction as far as the chorus goes, but the verses still sound slightly out of time. That said, the music itself is well arranged and quite catchy, as one song flows into the next with a lot more polish. Gibson’s progression is evident, and this record certainly seems as if Aversion Theory has begun to find a unique sound and style, one that gives a new spin on the formulas set down by mid-‘9os industrial artists like Nine Inch Nails and Sister Machine Gun. The somber, grinding, and plodding “Living” is also worth mentioning as it’s the track that probably has the vocals most in-tune with the rest of the song. If 2017’s Welcome to Your Life sounded more like a demo, The United States of Depression is much fuller and professional sounding release. The next outing from Aversion Theory, one where Gibson has smoothed out the kinks with vocals, should be quite good.
Track list:

  1. I Lost You
  2. Living
  3. Music Is Reality
  4. I Was Never There
  5. Suicide (You Will Cry)

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