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Album CoverAutoclav1.1 + ChuiBit
Album: Subset
Category: IDM / Ambient / Experimental
Label: Diskus Fonografika Mexicana
Release Date: 2020-07-16


The most recent in a string of artistic collaborations for Autoclav1.1’s Tony Young finds him performing his IDM mind meld with the mastermind of the electronic experimental synth act ChuiBit, Chuiy Bitios. As one always hopes with artist collaborations, the best aspects of both artists are on heavy display in Subset, while still providing a wholly unique experience to each artists’ individual efforts. For example, “Bithiah” and “Neptune’s Fingers” are more dance floor-friendly than either artist is usually known for; ChuiBit’s sweeping futurist synth work lays the groundwork for Autoclav1.1’s intricate heavily layered IDM arrangements, producing an effect almost akin to the wistful psy-trance style found in work such as the soundtrack for the video game Rez. Things get a bit more mellow and dreamy after the energetic opening tracks. “EigenVector” and “H.A.L.” lay down a similar easygoing groove, and “Preludio 1.1” capitalizes on both artists’ penchant for piano arrangements while still getting a bit denser and more sinister in its later moments. Subset is a solid but short collaboration that may have slipped under quite a few radars. Both Autoclav1.1 and ChuiBit show off their talents while simultaneously raising their collaborator’s profile among the other’s fanbase. One or two more of the more danceable tracks towards the end may have been a nice inclusion to flesh out the length and break up the mellow backend of the album, but Subset is still a more than worthy addition to both artists’ discographies.
Track list:

  1. Bithiah
  2. Neptune’s Fingers
  3. Eigenvector
  4. H.A.L.
  5. Preludio 1.1
  6. Fermionic
  7. Subset

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Diskus Fonografika Mexicana
Website, Facebook, Bandcamp
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