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Rabbit Junk - Pop That Pretty ThirtyRabbit Junk
Category: Industrial / Hardclash
Album: Pop That Pretty Thirty
Stars: 4
Blurb: As loud and as boisterous as ever, Rabbit Junk’s latest EP is a vicious barrage of pure hardclash that is sure to please longtime fans.


Always an act to keep challenging the audience’s tolerance levels, Rabbit Junk has maintained a steadily sporadic stream of output over the course of more than a decade. Band leader JP Anderson has proven time and again his unwillingness to compromise as he has experimented with everything from dubstep to black metal to industrial rock to digital hardcore and all points in between, culminating in what he has branded his own hardclash style. With Pop That Pretty Thirty, Rabbit Junk launches full speed ahead with all of the hallmarks of the band’s sound; oppressive guitars, vicious electronics, and percussion that punishes the eardrums, topped off by the vocal interplay between Anderson’s malignant yet melodic wail and Sum Grrl’s punkish yet pixie-like accompaniment. The title track is as bombastic and as furious an opening as one can expect from Rabbit Junk, with searing synth leads soaring atop an onslaught of guttural riffs and thunderous percussion with nary room to breathe. With Sum Grrl rapping aggressively during the verses about the veritable police state society has allowed itself to become, the chorus of “We are all the cops” resonating poignantly, the song is pure Rabbit Junk in all its irreverent glory. The “Clock That Pretty Killer” remix that ends the EP is deceptive as it mashes up “Pop That Pretty Thirty” and the band’s 2012 “WDKYWMYAK” single, although this can be difficult to discern given the similarity to the EP’s opener. From the dominating and powerful riffs of “Precipice” belying the inherent harmonies at play as the song progresses to the raucous and rhythmic “IDONTGIVEAFUCK” in which Anderson laments the dichotomy of enjoying one’s life while being weighed down by perceived responsibilities, the sampled chants from Joan Jett’s cover of “Do You Want to Touch Me” adding to the song’s anthemic qualities. For longtime fans, the new recording of “Crutch” from the REframe album will be a welcome walk down memory lane; no less intense in its delivery with just a touch of added crunch in the guitars and the rubbery synth melodies, making for the catchiest and strangely funkiest track on the EP. As loud and as boisterous as ever, Rabbit Junk is not for all tastes as Anderson continues to push the boundaries of volume to the limit. Having honed his skills as a musician and a producer over the years, the Pop That Pretty Thirty EP showcases just how far he has come to deliver a noisy extravaganza that still manages to deliver good songs that are sure to get stuck in one’s head… if one can withstand the sheer force of the music as it decimates any sonic defenses that have been built up.
Track list:

  1. Pop That Pretty Thirty
  2. Precipice
  4. Crutch 2014
  5. Clock That Pretty Killer

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