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NoLongerHuman - DepersonalizationNoLongerHuman
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: Depersonalization
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Harsh electronics and emotional, diary entry like words comprise this creation that will make listeners dance, think, and feel all at once.


NoLongerHuman is the one man industrial project of Clint Robertson (featuring Vlixx Edin on additional keyboards), describing his music as “intelligent electronic for intelligent people.” Listening to his new album Depersonalization, it’s easy to tell with the various topics attacked on this album. The instrumentation on Depersonalization comes packed full of dark, horror movie like backdrops with up-tempo, danceable industrial drums and bass lines accompanied by catchy synths that will eat away at your mind long after you’ve heard them. This is, however, an album that pretty much runs at a nonstop fluid movement, so those looking for a mass of varying tempos and rhythms will be disappointed. NoLongerHuman sets out to get several points across and that translates well throughout the album.

Depersonalization slowly opens and then kicks down your door with “Thank You,” a track that begins with dark ambient pads that give off the image of a horror movie starting off in dark creepy house, setting the tone for the album with laser synths. “Don’t Pray” features a steady, thumping bass line, eerie piano keys and synths to go along with them. The same can be said for “Hell and Back,” which starts off slow and quickly picks up to become a firestorm of sound. “Abandonment” is an instrumental, aside from the movie snips, that has excellent synths that border on sounding as if the phantom was playing a pipe organ in a castle at 3am. The track also has militaristic drums that stomp and march alongside creepy choir like sounds, making for a notable and quality instrumental that sticks out on the album. “Use Your Abuse” ends Depersonalization on the same dark note on which it started with a creepy movie clip in the background of electronics that segue into a full on blast of drums and bass that rip you through to the end of the album.

NoLongerHuman’s diary entry like lyrics set the band apart from some of the other industrial bands out now and the creepy sound to each track is delightful and well executed. However, Depersonalization is all one style so if this bothers you at all, you’ll want to give this one a pass. For everyone else, this album is full of dance worthy instrumentation, harsh vocals, and enough eeriness to fill a John Carpenter movie set.
Track list:

  1. Thank You
  2. Insect Politics
  3. Hell and Back
  4. Reap What You Sew
  5. Don’t Pray
  6. Distract Me
  7. My Eyes Are Open
  8. Orthodox
  9. Abandonment
  10. Use Your Abuse

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