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Night Club - Scary WorldNight Club
Category: Electro / New Wave
Album: Scary World
Blurb: This electro duo wants to bring back 1984.


The world seems to be on fire with this duo right now, with they having toured in 2018 with A Perfect Circle and, surprisingly for this writer, Tricky… but I don’t really get it. For me, Night Club’s brand of dark electronic music is simply a throwback to the ‘80s. Nothing on Scary World extremely original, and the sound actually seems derivative of what has come before. One could try for a long time to find a match to Night Club’s sound from the ‘80s – Berlin? No. Madonna? No. Danielle Dax? No. Siouxsie? No. Depeche Mode? No. Night Club is a combination of all those artists and bands, and at times, does have a modern sound with electro synths and dubstep bass wobbles here and there.

The best way to describe Night Club’s Scary World is to say that the track that sticks out the most for this writer is “Schizophrenic.” In fact, that song is so inherently catchy that my eight-year-old son insists on listening to it whenever we can and has the chorus down like a champ. In attempting to come up with a blurb to describe Scary World, the band’s own song title “Candy Coated Suicide” came to mind – this album is like candy. It’s sugary, sweet, and fun with dark lyrics and subject matter, but it doesn’t last very long and it’s rather forgettable after you’ve finished listening to the album.

With all the hype surrounding Night Club, I really wanted to be impressed by the band’s music. It’s just too easy though. It’s too simple with only one or two synth lines per song, a bass line, and simple drum programming. It never challenges the listener to dig deeper and listen harder for interesting synth sounds in the back of the mix or some subtle second bass lines hiding below the crest of the mix. No, this album is straightforward dark pop with the vocals far up front, so that they carry most of the melody as the songs rely on Emily Kavanaugh to deliver the goods to keep the song interesting. While she gives it her best, it’s just not enough to keep this listener’s ears involved.

Is this a bad album? No. It’s well produced and sounds great. Is it a challenging album? Absolutely not. If you want to listen to something in the background while you’re getting ready to go out on a Friday night, then Night Club may just be a perfect match to get you jazzed up. Unfortunately, it can’t be said that it offers much more, which is quite a shame.
Track list:

  1. Beware!
  2. Scary World
  3. Schizophrenic
  4. Your Addiction
  5. Blood on Your Blade
  6. Candy Coated Suicide
  7. Therapy (Get High)
  8. Imaginary Friend
  9. Vampires
  10. Survive

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  1. D. Schmudde says:

    This review is spot-on. There is so little change between Requiem for Romance and Scary World – it’s like they don’t have much to say.

    • Ilker Yücel says:

      There have been so few bands/artists to really impress me, personally, in the ’80s retro/synthwave trend anyway, and I’m sure some – perhaps like Night Club – simply enjoy it and don’t care to break ground or say much of anything. “Shut up and dance,” that sort of thing. If that is indeed their goal, then -Shrug- to others their own.
      Thank you very much for reading and we appreciate your comment. =)

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