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Category: Electro / Dubstep
Album: Femmes de L’Obscurité / Revisions Vol. II
Blurb: MOЯIS BLAK follows up At the End of Exile with two sample heavy EPs that showcase his evolution as an artist and show off some of his strengths as well as his weaknesses.


2018 was a busy year for MOЯIS BLAK – within the year, he managed to release three singles, two EPs of original material, and one EP of remixes, with no signs of slowing down in 2019. First, we have Femmes de L’Obscurité (translating from French into “Women of Darkness”) as the follow-up to At the End of Exile. On that previous EP, MOЯIS BLAK delved into dark bass music with loads of distortion and harshness; on Femmes de L’Obscurité, he trades in some of that harshness for atmosphere. The distorted bass is still there, but it stops at times to allow noise and drone to carry the tracks along with samples from the movies the songs are named after, giving the EP peaks and valleys and a wider sound palette that was missing from At the End of Exile. The opening track, “The Blackcoat’s Daughter” starts with a sample of a woman singing, which adds a creepy gothic feel to the opening that quickly changes into hard-hitting distorted bass; it’s a juxtaposition that mostly works, though it does feel a little off. “It Follows” uses synthwave elements along with higher minor key melodies to create a horror-like atmosphere, though it doesn’t go as heavy as the other tracks and flows a lot more naturally. “The Eyes of My Mother” is a bit slower and actually has some of the hardest hitting bass on the EP as it uses its small amount of melody to a great and eerie effect. The EP ends with “Hereditary,” which sounds more like the previous release, but with few more atmospheric touches to set it apart. This writer finds the selection of movies to reference interesting as all of them are relatively new films, the oldest being from 2016. They all have female leads, as the title of the EP points out, and two out of the four were pretty much under the radar of even movie news outlets. Overall, Femmes de L’Obscurité is what you want out of a new release – it’s similar to what came before, but evolves, adds, and ultimately gets better.

Album CoverRevisions Vol. II follows Femmes de L’Obscurité by only two months and is a collection of remixes from all across the genre spectrum. It opens with a remix of The Soft Moon’s “Burn,” which is mostly a new production that occasionally uses the distinctive guitar line and vocals from the original song. It is faster paced than most of MOЯIS BLAK’s other works and actually functions well on its own; adding the guitar line on top of the already hard-hitting dance beats just make it better. This is followed by a remix of LCD Soundsystem’s “How Can You Sleep,” a song that was a bit of a slow burn and a darker track for that band. The remix uses a down-pitched vocal sample, as well as a bit of the strings from the original, but it does not function as well by itself; if it wasn’t for the LCD Soundsystem samples, which don’t help much anyway, the track would be pretty flat. Next up is “Breaker No. 1,” a mashup of Type O Negative’s “Black No. 1” and MOЯIS BLAK’s “Breaker.” It keeps the original dubstep style beats and bass of the latter track, and then layers on a bit of guitar and vocals from “Black No. 1;” it almost works but including the pre-chorus of “Black No. 1” as the build-up to the drop in “Breaker” really just points out how flat the drop really was. Next is a remix of Childish Gambino’s “This is America,” which starts off mostly with samples from the original, but once the new music kicks in and adds the vocal samples on top of that, the track really starts to work as a nice dance floor banger and a rather inspired take on a song already difficult to remix. Rounding out the EP is the remix of White Zombie’s “More Human Than Human,” which is another difficult track to approach as it already has the requisite industrial elements and has been remixed many times over the decades. Unfortunately, the track just ends up being average as nothing feels overly inspired or clever. Overall, Revisions Vol. II is a pretty mixed bag with a few genuinely good remixes and some average to below average ones.
Track list:
Femmes de L’Obscurité

  1. The Blackcoat’s Daughter
  2. It Follows
  3. The Eyes of my Mother (ft. Cable)
  4. Hereditary (ft. Into the Pale Abyss)

Revisions Vol. II

  1. The Soft Moon – Burn [MOЯIS BLAK Revision]
  2. LCD Soundsystem – How Can You Sleep [MOЯIS BLAK Revision]
  3. Breaker No. 1 [MOЯIS BLAK x Type O Negative]
  4. Childish Gambino – This Is America [MOЯIS BLAK x Aqua Vitae Revision]
  5. White Zombie – More Human Than Human [MOЯIS BLAK Revision]

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