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Category: Electro / Dubstep
Album: At the End of Exile
Blurb: MOЯIS BLAK continues his exploration of industrial-tinged bass music, and while not pushing the boundaries much, the artist is establishing his sound.


Since all genres of electronic music started from the same point, there tends to be a great deal of cross-pollination of genres as they diverge. You’ve got bands like Front Line Assembly dabbling with dubstep; Slighter and HECQ stirring up a number of genres like IDM and drum & bass with industrial noises; bass house music has also had its tangents like Gesaffelstein, Rezz, and Street Fever, but they all keep their clean sound while using darker tones. MOЯIS BLAK, who describes his music as “industrial bass,” has released a number of singles and EPs since starting in 2017; his first EP, Dead Summer, seemed to come from the harsher realm of dubstep, similar to acts like Figure and Excision, but with more of a goth feel.

At the End of Exile leans more into the bass house genre than his previous work. The EP opens with the title track, “At the End of Exile,” which throws in haunting high-end melody, hard-hitting beats, giant sawtooth synths, and a little bit of piano thrown on top, resulting in a big, well put together track. “Cataclysm” scales it back a bit with more emphasis on the bass and really cranks up the distortion. He does use some off-key high-end noise that is meant to add to the level of chaos, which… it does, but is also not enjoyable, even on a dance floor. “Fentanyl Hex” is cleaner sounding and has a bit more of a house feel like his peers Street Fever and Rezz, leaving “Deincarnation XVII” to close out the EP with a slower, dubstep sounding track that falls in the middle of the clean vs. distortion scale.

As a collection of dance tracks, At the End of Exile mostly works. It doesn’t make for very compelling listening on its own, but if dropped in the middle of an industrial dance mix, it works well, although it does tend to ride a line that can turn off people from both camps – too noisy for most EDM fans and too EDM for most industrial fans. But for that group of people that are into both, MOЯIS BLAK is right up their alley.
Track list:

  1. At the End of Exile
  2. Cataclysm
  3. Fentanyl Hex
  4. Deincarnation XVII

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