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Meta Meat - MetameatMeta Meat
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Metameat
Blurb: Meta Meat brings the mega beat with manmade tribal beats and electronic synths on this debut album.


Meta Meat began as a collaboration between two electronic composers who share a mutual love for rhythms and percussion – Somekilos of 2kilos &More and Phil Von of Von Magnet. Somekilos provides the live drumming and beats while Magnet brings the stomping and banging to the mix. The intricate rhythms combined with synths and samples culminate into an album rich in experimental sounds with a worldly, tribal flair.

The whole of the album is instrumental, save for a few vocal samples, and focuses on building walls of sound around the percussion. Several of the tracks have a more familiar electro/ industrial vibe, while others sound like something one may hear at a dark meditation retreat. “Melt” opens with slow, haunting synths that slowly segue into complex layers of rhythm that evoke a ceremonial feeling. The next two tracks, “Backstitch” and “Sword” continue with the tribal beats, which would be fitting as the soundtrack to an epic battle scene in a movie. “Shudder” changes things up with more of a focus on the melody and symphonic synths over a steadier electronic beat, while “Tamed” stands out as a gently chaotic song that feels like a tug of war between the manmade tribal percussion and the robotic electronic instrumentation. The heavy driving force of the beats on “Escapism” feels like an intense chase – a literal escape, perhaps from the robotic overlords who fought for their space over man in “Tamed.” The final two tracks, “Behaviour” and “Converge” are slightly more subdued and sensual, though the final moments of “Converge” grow louder and peak at a fever pitch, only to end abruptly to snap the listener out of a hypnotic state.

Metameat is certainly hard to define. Its ritualistic tribal beats, dark ambient atmospheres, and trance inducing melodies make the perfect soundtrack for a reflective, spiritual, and meditative journey. The percussion passionate pair that is Meta Meat succeeds in creating a rhythm focused album that is quite unlike any other.
Track list:

  1. Melt
  2. Backstitch
  3. Sword
  4. Shudder
  5. Deepen
  6. Tamed
  7. Rampage
  8. Escapism
  9. Behaviour
  10. Converge

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