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Galoshins - EP1Galoshins
Category: Experimental / Alternative / Indie Rock
Album: EP1 / EP2
Stars: 4
Blurb: It might be hard to place Galoshins into a genre, but it is very easy to enjoy the exquisite sound this act produces with mere guitar, drums, and keyboards.


Galoshins - EP2It is very interesting that Galoshins and the band’s new record company Armellodie Records have decided EP1 and EP2 should now be lumped together. Originally released individually, they are an 11 track onslaught of fuzzy, organ filled, garage rock with a huge amount of invention. Galoshins is an old Scottish word for “trick-or-treating,” which is probably why you can almost feel the gothic hostility spewing from the music. So naturally, Galoshins do hail from Glasgow, Scotland and consist of front man and keyboardist Mark Macphail, guitarist James Eyland, drummer Ruaidh MacLeod, and the unofficial fourth member and studio guru, Iain MacDuff. The band lists its genre on Facebook as “Organ guitar drums production fatastique and others,” which can only mean that they too have no idea how to describe the music. However, the band is capable of forcing more creations of imagination into one song than most bands are capable of on a whole album.

Musically, the two EPs are an absolute orgy for the ears, but it doesn’t stop there. The music is filled with so much substance that it penetrates directly into your brain and sticks. In songs like “Devil In Us,” “The 4th Chord,” and “Chank,” the pace and structure changes furiously. In “Shake Up” and “B2,” you can easily pick out the pleasing Doors-esque organ sound, which shows up in a number of other tracks. “Fly On You” and “Mink” are cloaked in a garage rock vibe with some awesome riffs carrying on through them. It seems most of the tracks on EP2 include a kind of psychedelic trippy quality with an embedded jazz element, especially in “Chank” and “B15.” The songs “Dehydrated Sun,” reminiscent of Blur, and “Get Me Out Of This Hole” showcase Galoshins’ unique sound that the band can call its own.

This is really a great group of songs and taking a listen to Galoshins is suggested. It can almost be guaranteed that you will want to play this over and over again, and you should because the music ends up growing on you. The act is currently working on EP3 and this writer can’t wait to hear what they come up with next. The band probably won’t receive airplay on any mainstream radio, but should be included on every party play list. Galoshins are on the verge of something great, so get familiar now.
Track list:

  1. Shake Up
  2. The 4th Chord
  3. B2
  4. Fly On You
  5. Mink


  1. Chank
  2. Bleeps
  3. Devil In Us
  4. B15
  5. Dehydrated Sun
  6. Get Me Out Of This Hole

Galoshins MySpace http://www.myspace.com/galoshins
Galoshins Facebook https://www.facebook.com/galoshins
Galoshins Bandcamp http://galoshins.bandcamp.com
Armellodie Records Website http://armellodie.com
Armellodie Records MySpace http://www.myspace.com/armellodie
Armellodie Records Facebook https://www.facebook.com/armellodie
Armellodie Records Bandcamp http://armellodie.bandcamp.com
Purchase at:
Amazon MP3 (EP1)
Amazon MP3 (EP2)
Galoshins Bandcamp (EP1)
Galoshins Bandcamp (EP2)
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