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Dead on TV - CreeperDead on TV
Category: Punk / Electro
Album: Creeper
Stars: 4
Blurb: Refined and polished without losing any of the adrenaline or belligerent edge, Dead on TV’s second EP is pure electro/punk fury that is sure to satisfy even the most jaded.


Punk music has always had a propensity to improve on itself despite its best intentions; more often than not, the musicians do finally learn how to play their instruments, how to write intelligent melodies and lyrics, and eventually grow beyond the confines of the genre. In fact, the best punks are those who managed to do this while still exhibiting the same belligerence and irreverence that drove the music in the first place, losing none of the abrasive edge with just a touch of polish. Such can be said of Chicago’s Dead on TV as the band’s second EP, Creeper demonstrates a more refined approach that is as energetic and as in-your-face as Fuck You, I’m Famous. Clocking in at a mere 15-and-a-half minutes, the six songs on Creeper race by at near breakneck speed, with the opening title track being the shortest track… and perhaps for the best given its rather hilarious but appropriately questionable subject matter. Be that as it may, both this and “Pour Your Heart Out” are instantly catchy with their poppy melodies and chiming layers of guitars, while “Screwdriver” struts with an almost menacing pace as Vince McAley’s percussive drive complements Dan Evans’ restrained rock & roll croon quite effectively. But it’s here where Creeper starts to truly hit full throttle, with Corey Devlin’s classic guitar riff on “Pornography” instantly doubled by Mike Love’s keyboards going right for the gut and directing the listener right to the mosh pit. The same can be said for “Pale Shelter” as it blasts through the speakers with the same catchy power found in the first two tracks, Evans’ shouts of “You don’t give me love” being almost impossible not to sing along to, while Devlin’s fast-picking in lieu of a more dynamic solo fulfill the song’s full punk potential. Finally, “I’m Easy” ends Creeper out with a searing synth and guitar riff and lyrics that are sure to turn a few heads with their brazen lasciviousness… but that’s Dead on TV for you, staying true to the path of challenging social acceptance and raising a big middle finger to the status quo. More musically adept while still shooting adrenaline right through the speakers, Dead on TV’s second EP is pure electro/punk fury; and goddamn if it ain’t immensely satisfying!
Track list:

  1. Creeper
  2. Pour Your Heart Out
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Pornography
  5. Pale Shelter
  6. I’m Easy

Dead on TV Website http://deadontv.org
Dead on TV Facebook http://facebook.com/imdeadontv
Dead on TV Twitter http://twitter.com/dirtyamerican
Dead on TV SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/dead-on-tv
Dead on TV Bandcamp https://imdeadontv.bandcamp.com
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