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David J. and Comrades - Thoughts and Prayers (Single)David J and Comrades
Category: Alternative / Darkwave
Album: Thoughts and Prayers (Single)
Blurb: Sick of the U.S. gun laws resulting in senseless mass murder, David J vents his emotions in this Record Store Day exclusive 7-inch single.


David J made a special announcement on YouTube on February 28 concerning his new single with backing band (Comrades) for Record Store Day. He had the song pour out of him spontaneously in an emotional reaction to the Parkland, Florida shooting, which made his heart “sink like a boulder into the bottom of the ocean.” What follows on the A-side of this single is nothing short of a vitriolic rant against the U.S. government, who on one side of their mouth send their “thoughts and prayers” to the victims of such events, while slyly pocketing blood money from the NRA with a shit eating grin on the other. Lyrics such as “Weapons are divisive and ammo never free, but their thoughts and prayers are with you, because they said it on TV” really sum up how much David J thinks Congress really cares – a protest song for the age indeed. The B-side is his cover of Emily Jane White’s “Hole in the Middle,” which she wrote as a reaction to the Bush administration. David J said that the lyrics are just as applicable in our current environment, and his take is pretty faithful, but has a slightly darker edge slowing the tempo ever so slightly. As well, the fuzzy reverbed electric guitar solo adds a heavier feel compared to the folkier original. This single is definitely worth seeking out this Record Store Day on April 13, but you’d better get in line early and secure a spot to rush in to your local retailer because it is limited to only 500 copies. Good luck! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Track list:

  1. Thoughts and Prayers
  2. Hole in the Middle

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