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Angelspit - Puncture MarksAngelspit
Category: Electro / Industrial / Punk
Album: Puncture Marks
Blurb: Like any good remix album, this companion to Angelspit’s “Tough as F*ck” 2017 album runs through a gamut of complementary styles, yet is a cohesive and enjoyable collection.


Remix albums are nothing new in the realm of underground music, and yet we still enjoy hearing how different artists inject their own style and sound into another’s music. Angelspit’s sound is so distinct that there’s a certain thrill in hearing how others will revise or reinterpret Zoog Von Rock’s music. As Puncture Marks is a remix companion to 2017’s Black Dog Bite, the question is if these remixes will live up to that album’s “Touch as F*ck” sound. Let’s see, shall we?

As with any good remix album, the remixes on Puncture Marks have a little something for just about every industrial/electronic fan’s tastes. For instance, Abney Park’s cover of “Post Truth Wonderland” recreates the song with a classic, rather authentic gothic twist typical of the band’s steampunk style with clever instrumentals, standing in stunning contrast with the original version’s more grinding digitalized rhythms and programming. As well, Adoration Destroyed and Adventu Impar inject easy yet crushing rhythms on their remixes of “Satanic Aesthetic,” both managing to power through renditions in the vein of primal EBM without losing the essence of the original, while more danceable tracks like Addambombb’s “V is For Voltage” pepper in gripping dancefloor stomping hooks in a way that almost mirrors and complements the version on Black Dog Bite. On the other hand, Erektor’s rendition of “Ugly Deeds” and Stoneburner’s rework of “Collapsing Venus” bring on a more experimental approach that is fiercer yet flowing, saturated with rich and intricate soundcapes flowing alongside thunderous cadences.

This compilation is a must have for DJs and avid fans who love mesmerizing and eclectic remixes. While it perhaps could have used some more variation in musical approaches other than the normal industrial/electronic delivery, it still manages to offer a very well rounded selection of mixes and gives the listener copious options of styles. Puncture Marks is an overall excellent remix album with masterfully crafted versions to make it a solid companion to Black Dog Bite.
Track list:

  1. Ugly Deeds [Erektor Rebuild]
  2. Sexy Tragic Nurse [The Mercy Cage Remix]
  3. Great Bank in the Sky [Mutilato Remix by GoFight]
  4. Hidden Knife [Adventu Impar Remix]
  5. Satanic Aesthetic [Mr. Kitty Remix]
  6. Dead Man Talking [The Dead Room Remix]
  7. I, Weapon [Thinktank Remix by The Gothsicles]
  8. V is For Voltage [Addambombb Remix]
  9. Scorpio Machine [Curse of Cassandra Remix]
  10. Satanic Aesthetic [Adoration Destroyed Remix]
  11. Bang Bang Bang [Inertia Pistol Whipped Remix]
  12. Collapsing Venus [Aberrant Behavior Remix]
  13. Ugly Deeds [EN ESCH Remix]
  14. Post Truth Wonderland [Shadowcell Theory Remix]
  15. Post Truth Wonderland [Abney Park Cover]
  16. Scorpio Machine [Planet Damage Wreck Remix]
  17. Collapsing Venus [Stoneburner Remix]
  18. Scorpio Machine [Acid Fairy Remix]
  19. Great Bank in the Sky [7th Victim Meow Mix]
  20. Hidden Knife [Die Sektor Remix]

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