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Two years since the release of the Minneapolis industrial/EBM act’s debut album, Zwaremachine has joined forces with Sliptrick Records to unveil a new special edition of 2018’s Be a Light. Featuring the seven tracks from the original Phage Tapes release, the new edition includes “Remain Unseen,” which was released as a standalone single subsequent to Be a Light and was performed as part of the album’s live set; also featured on the new edition are selected remixes by Planktoon, Audiocentesis, and Aim&Execute. Highly acclaimed upon its original 2018 release, the Be a Light special edition is now available digitally via Bandcamp, while CD versions can be purchased from Dead Pulse. In addition to the album, Zwaremachine has also released a new music video for the title track, “Be a Light.”


Zwaremachine spent 2018 and 2019 touring, as well as collaborating with fellow midwest industrial act I Ya Toyah on the “Smile that Killed a Country” EP. The special edition of Be a Light follows up on the Ripping at the Fabric EP, released on May 20 via Brutal Resonance Records; that EP marked the debut release for the fledgling imprint, an offshoot of the eminent Brutal Resonance publication.


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