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After debuting with the Gemini EP, Los Angeles post-industrial act Zeistencroix has signed with European imprint Sliptrick Records for the release of a new record, GenZ. The album will be preceded by the single and music video for the first track, “Sick,” with a release date of July 19. Founded by Orlando “OD” Draven with drummer Santi Rivillas, the band blends unorthodox drumming patterns – full of odd time signatures and syncopation – with electronica and industrialized rock and metal riffs, topped off by Draven’s use of throat singing. According to the band, the name “Zeistencroix” doesn’t have a specific meaning, but was created to make the band stand out through the use of various sounds and languages. Gemini was released in November 2017 and produced by Tim Palmer (U2, David Bowie’s Tin Machine, Ozzy Osbourne) and Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Six Feet Under), receiving critical acclaim from Revolver Magazine and Huffington Post among others.


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Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
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