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Emerging from a three-year-long hiatus is musician, actress, model, and sociocultural rabble rouser Yvette Lera as she unveils the music video for her song, “Burning Planet.” Originally written and recorded by Lera with Will Gannon in 2012, the track presents the artist’s premonitory observations of a world in disarray, with Lera explaining that “The Planet is burning and being destroyed by those in power who are corrupt and who wish to control humanity and destroy all resources for their diabolical agendas.” A boisterous industrial/rock track that hearkens back to the artist’s early days as a member of Chicago band Lick, the accompanying video was shot in Antioch, TN by Brandy Powers Crowe, edited by Lera in a straightforward and D.I.Y. style that she describes as “a Tik-Tok video on crack.” Of its style, Lera comments that “the rawness of little to no resources can be really cool and has a magic to it.” The juxtaposition of Lera seemingly ranting in a manic and maniacal fashion on a sunny day in a cemetery before shifting to the post-industrial waste of an abandoned Checkers, framed by images of current world events, further emphasizes the song’s themes; “We must be the light in these dark times,” she continues, “to help restore balance to humankind and this planet before it’s too late.”


“Burning Planet” marks the first material Lera has released since 2020 when she appeared as a guest vocalist in Chrome Pipes’ “Lights Out!” single; before that, she had enjoyed a brief stint as a co-host of the Chicago-based MKUltraSound Podcast helmed by MK Ultra Magazine‘s Alex Zander. Over the years, Lera has collaborated in numerous bands and projects with the likes of Glenn Danzig, Taime Down, X-Japan’s Hide, Chris Vrenna, Die Robot, and with Killing Joke members Jaz Coleman, Geordie Walker, and Paul Raven. “I have full control of my message and how I want to portray it,” she states, with plans to unleash more music in the coming months, much of which was recorded but had remained unreleased for more than a decade.


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